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NX-1 H265 HEVC + BM Davinci Resolve 12.5 Good?


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Hi all I use NX-1 exclusively and have been using premiere 2017 with out of camera files with no transcoding. It works pretty well. 

I've been studying CC and all the books keep harpin on resolve I been messing with it it's great I just started transcoding a single hero shot to resolve to make a lut. And take to premere. 


Im thinking of buying a dongle to unlock it and use it for everything. I'd gain 4k export and H265 support. 

Anybody have experence using h265 in resolve? Is it fast as premere? I really hate the transcoding process and want to use it raw out of NX1. 

If you could enlighten me on the plus and minuses of resolve  it would be a big help... Plan to buy soon

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Hi Juxx

Did anyone reply to you? I'm on the same boat however I use Powerdirector. PD15 has "shadow files" for all the h265 mp4 which makes previewing on timeline cpu efficient. I haven't used Adobe Premiere Pro yet however starting to use it now. 

I keep hearing good things about Resolve as well, so going to try it out and let you know how it goes. :) 


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I did find a sealed resolve 12.5 dongle locally. It handles h265 smoothly. I just have to get a ssd for my computer.

If your computer is slower you can tell it to create optimized media and it quickly makes smaller files  that play smoothly for editing. 

 It's funny I got resolve studio so I didn't have to convert h265 just to import it and let the software convert it internally. Doh!  

I believe I can edit full res 4k once I get a ssd. And maybe I preserve something with the final render comming from the original h265 files. 

But overall it's a wonderful experience using Resolve I'm turning into a BM fanboy starting to dream of an ursa mini someday. 

If you are curious I say buy it and try it holds it's resale value very well if you don't like  or you can rent a dongle and try. 


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