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Lens advice for GX80 - Speedbooster or native


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1 minute ago, jonpais said:

Depends on the camera? ? I thought we were talking about the GX80. 

Yes, but I seems like nobody has tried it. It sort of fits on the gh4 according to an old entry by Andrew, but if the gx80 is a tiny Little Different it might not. Anyway, I'll just do some proper google search once I get to my PC.

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Mine arrived yesterday, body only, so any lens advice would be more than welcomed.... I know, Iknow, I should have asked more questions.

You can use the 17-55mm f2.8 with a speedbooster if you remove the plastic baffle on the back of the lens, which sticks into the mount and will hit the front element in the speedbooster. If you do a b

I haven't tried that particular combination, but the 0.64x BMCC Speed Booster has a full millimeter *less* clearance on the camera side than the 0.64x XL.  The XL also has a larger image circle that i

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i like the nikon speedbooster xl although I wish I got the canon version since it registers with the in body stabilization ! I prefer my nikon manual lenses only because they are not focus by wire and have a short focus throw which is ideal for run and gun and photojournalism imo. Anyway the nikkors look more like "film" than the native lenses and you don't need to use filtration to get the film look

this is shot with a lumix 20mm f1.7 ii which is very fast and sharp. I use it for my street photography and quick shoots that dont require a ton of lenses. Works well but still getting used to the af system. I recommend using the native lenses with light grade lens diffusion filters like I used here because they can look too sharp and digital

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