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Nikon D5200 review

Andrew Reid

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http://vimeo.com/59832019 The Nikon D5200 is the best mid-range Nikon yet for video. What is more of a surprise is the relish in which it takes on the much more expensive 5D Mark III, Panasonic GH3

Please reserve judgement on the GH3 until my final review next week. One bad test result doesn't make a season :)   PS - nice signature Charlie.

Not really since the aperture ring is on the lens with a lot of the Nikon glass. I use the AI/S stuff.   With the modern AF stuff you need to flick it into optical viewfinder mode and change the ape

I've made a music video with some young lads last year with only the kit lens. I used the flaat11 profile and just a little decent grading in post. Its a no budget made but this DSLR opens doors. Maybe someones like to see.

I tried to be careful with that profile, unfortunately i realized the noise at the totale drummer footage too late. But its not a camera issue.

If the video doesn't amuse you, i hope my english did.


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Music video shoot whit D5200 ( 64Mbps hack) Iso 4000, flaat 10. Hack gives more playroom in the shadows (noice reduse works nicely cos of finer noise). Also DR is good and it keeps the colors nicely
Some shoots (high left corner angle and behind drummer. "stable shoots") i used Sony RX-10 but it falls apart at iso 4000


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