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GH3 around corner at CES?

Andrew Reid

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[url="http://www.eoshd.com/comments/index.php/topic,57.0.html"]Find out how to get a GH2 body for $499 in the US at Adorama on the new EOSHD forum[/url]

Ethics statement: holding off buying a camera due to a rumour is silly. Anyone who wants to shoot and is not currently shooting with a GH2 especially with the hack and current discounts is missing out on a fantastic camera.

Whilst the GH2 discounts continue today I received an email from a guy in the Netherlands who had a sneak at MediaMarkt’s stock list. MediaMarkt is one of the biggest consumer electronics retailers in Europe and actually there is one near me in Berlin where I double checked the stock list. The news here is that the GH2 is showing as EOL (end of line).

[url="http://www.eoshd.com/content/6468/gh3-around-corner-at-ces/"]Read full article[/url]

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It usually happens that way when a lens becomes kit, they become more common on the 2nd hand market for starters, but not sure retail price will be lowered by Panasonic yet when bought on their own since they are premium top end lenses in the Lumix line up and pretty new.
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Most likely stuff I have heard first:

AVCHD 2.0, 1080/60p
Better EVF by Epson
Hopefully a higher resolution LCD
Better build quality, waterproof
Better sensor again (goes without saying, since GH line carries Panasonic's best CMOS sensors)

Less likely stuff:

Super high bitrates (you will have to wait for it to be hacked again by Vitaliy, if possible)
Build in ND
Bigger battery
Improved manual audio and sockets
Internal 10bit or 4-2-2 (although maybe via HDMI)

That is my best guess at the moment.
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Well the Gh-2 is about a year old. So a new model will come out soon. At least next year. My hopes:

- Global shutter (though I've been told it reduces IQ)
- Higher frame rate 1080p 60p (I'd love 120 p, or even maybe 96p
- Don't think they will do this but 10 bit, so we can truly loose the banding
- I'd love some USB or wireless control, like Canon has. Change exposure, Ap/Shutter/ISO from a PC or i pad.
- True tethered

I hope they don't boost the Megapixels and create more noise in higher ISOs.
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Global shutter does reduce high ISO noise performance and dynamic range, they need to overcome that before it enters the photographic market but from what I hear Panasonic are already working on it because they want to illuminate the mechanical shutter, make the camera 100% electronic (and it reduces costs).
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[quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=59.msg677#msg677 date=1323561466]
Global shutter does reduce high ISO noise performance and dynamic range . . .
Not necessarily. If the global-shutter circuitry can be implemented on the back side of the sensor, it needn't reduce the photosite size (and therefore the light-gathering capability) of the sensor.
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