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  1. No questions on the new Dynamic Range? Isn't that the major drawback of the GH-2? Its dynamic range is not up to par with other HDSLRs?
  2. Can you confirm ETC mode still works? Are there any timelapse features? Intervlometer? Any hands on regarding WIFI functions? Thanks
  3. How are things different for Win 7 if you use CS6? Doesn't CS6 on win7 also use quicktime for AVCHD?
  4. Andrew, contact them to review it. I want to see your smallest 4k anamorphic rig:-)
  5. META DATA! Why can't we record shutter, Ap., ISO, picture style etc as meta data either inside the AVCHD or as a sidecar. Log style Some type of Tethering like Canon and Nikon. (perhaps wifi) HDRx like feature ( like RED and Magic Lantern) Peaking ISO 100? Love in camera stabilization like Olympus, so our manual lenses will be covered. 1080-60p USB follow focus. let us control the lens via a USB wheel. Higher res LCD display.
  6. I was wondering, with the latest Driftwood settings, are there any optimum "hacks" to achieve this style of High ISO B&W? There are so many hacks to choose from today. I'm guessing at least some advances over the past 6 months would benefit this style of filming? Thanks Max
  7. If profitable, this will open doors for other lens makers to make affordable Anamorphics.
  8. Well the Gh-2 is about a year old. So a new model will come out soon. At least next year. My hopes: - Global shutter (though I've been told it reduces IQ) - Higher frame rate 1080p 60p (I'd love 120 p, or even maybe 96p - Don't think they will do this but 10 bit, so we can truly loose the banding - I'd love some USB or wireless control, like Canon has. Change exposure, Ap/Shutter/ISO from a PC or i pad. - True tethered I hope they don't boost the Megapixels and create more noise in higher ISOs.
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