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Crop quality on Ursa Mini 4K?


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Next week I'm shooting some interviews for a client and I've rented the UM4K. Now I'' wondering how clean the image would be if I crop from a regular view into a CU from the same image. The thing is that they're paying me shit money and I don't want to do a 2 camera setup (running solo). Second thing is that I will be shooting full days and don't want to do too much DIT, so my question is also if it's sufficient enough to shoot 1080p instead of 4K (prores 422). Anyone who's tried this?

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10 hours ago, Dan Wake said:

thx for reply, sorry I doesn't understand why if you crop into 1080 get a 960x540 image? shouldn't get a 1920x1080 image? thx again

Turboguard was talking about cropping into a UHD frame as a "second camera" at 100% zoom. Useful for a cutaway closeup. I try not to use this technique unless I have no other choice, but it does give you 2 different framing options in post. 1 wide at UHD, and 1 close (zoomed 100%) at HD. When you render the final output at HD you aren't losing any resolution with the close-up crop. The wide UHD frame isn't either b/c it's scaled down to HD.

I hope that makes sense. It's hard to explain without drawing.

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