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1.74x - A Crop Odyssey - Canon 5D Mark IV officially announced

Andrew Reid

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On 11.9.2016 at 6:00 AM, BenEricson said:

That's some pretty intense chromatic aberration.

This is an old post, but yeah, the Tokina 11-16 is pretty bad in that regard. Very much an overrated lens imho, I've personally found it to have a very unpleasant look and some weird QC issues like elements getting out of whack and thus focus plane being uneven.

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Here's a list of great things about the 5D Mark IV... Read the full article to see the list

Such an underrated camera... Ergonomics of a Canon or Nikon without the 1970's mirror SHIT Smallest 4K file sizes on the planet but the highest quality compression..... THANK YOU H.265 YOU A

And if you don't desire: Stills DSLR size of form factor Decent codec 10bit Slow-motion Full frame Quite a lot to write off isn't it?!

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