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Vintage lens help needed (35mm, 50mm, 85mm) for photo + cinematograpghy


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19 hours ago, iR3jected said:

@maxmizer I am not sure where your problem is? Are you the nitpicker guy, that crys "uh pros use t-stop lenses, if you can go with master primes"? I even wrote about my budget, but you didn't even read my post, did you?

Friend... I've read well and I've given you the best advice, you have to spend more than $ 130 for each of the lenses ... if you do not want to waste time!

NX1 is a good camera, then:
remember that old lenses usually are not in good condition ...
remember to be procured before the low numbers (15-22-28-35-50 ...)
remember that should not have fungus and smears ...
remember that the Iris fins must not have oil and must close soft ...
remember that the focus should be soft ...


That the maximum focus is between 4 and 10 meters (usually maxes out at 3-4 meters) for the video that is often not taken into consideration ...

I own more than 30 lenses, some vintage: ( Zeiss, Canon FD and Eos, Leica, Olympus (old), Panasonic, Lomo, Kmz) for this Camera: Canon, Panasonic, Sony...I'll know something

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mercer mentioned a Takumar being radioactive. I think that's something everyone who gets into buying vintage lenses should be aware of- that some are radioactive and they should make an informed decision about buying them with that knowledge in hand. I fully understand many, perhaps most, of you are not at all concerned about the radioactivity of some of these lenses. But it might be something the OP wants to keep in mind.

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