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Restoring and recondition Isco 36 ?


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Hey all, I'm trying to get some ideas on how to recondition the faded parts of the lens. I'm not concerned with the taking lens, just the Iscorama.

Last option was to send it in to Van Diemen for rehousing. But I'd rather try restoring it first before spending $$$ on the rehouse.




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you need to burnish the casing back to gloss with a very fine polishing pad.  i think a 4000 abralon pad will work well on this.  leave the taking lens on for protection of the rear element and to use as a handle to hold onto, then rotate the iscorama in the abralon pad.  make the abralon pad moist but ring it out so it's almost totally dry - just damp.

a good quality black marker pen like a sharpie will darken the grooves on the grip.  


3 hours ago, Bold said:

Turtle Wax maybe?

I'd avoid wax based products since these are nearly impossible to remove from glass if they end up on the elements.  i would however maybe look at t-cut or even brasso as an option.  as long as the cloth is almost totally dry and you quickly rub the casing uniformly the abrasiveness of t-cut may be the answer.   try the locking buttons first to test the processes.  then you don;t run the risk of ruining the main casing.

ps.  the parts that are still black are infact anodised aluminium so mask them off so you don;t polish away the blacking of the metal!

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8 hours ago, raf702 said:

And after using the abralon pad, should I use some kind of plastic polish? 

As Rich correctly pointed out, if some polish accidentally gets on your glass it could degrade the coating.  The right kind of buff pad might restore some shine.

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