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Super anamorphic project

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On 8/24/2016 at 3:39 AM, ken said:

Hi, I just used two different 2x front and rear lens and got at least 2.8x ratio.  But looks like it needs much longer FL taking lens to use.

Can u try one element from physically short attachment and one element from much longer one?

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Basically, I have figured out some rules.  

Longer lens has less dioptre than shorter lens.  I got help from a friend in optical shop, where has instrument can check the lens.

These are rear lenses of different 2x anamorphic lenses:


A. +6.00/-6.00

B. +5.00/-5.00

C. +4.75/-4.75  

D. +3.50/-3.50

Front lens should be like this:

E. 0/-13.75

F. 0/-10.50

Many front lens are too thick, the instrument was unable to check.  Also some front lenses I did not take apart.  

For example, if B+F is original 2x lens, then A+F would get about 1.7X, C+F would get 2.2X, and D+F would get 2.7x. 





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