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What did I buy? Anamorphot 8mm for Bolex H16


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So I've had this lil' thing for a while, but didn't really use it yet. Decided to 'mount' it into a lenscap, that I put with a step up ring onto the new (smaller) Panasonic 14-42mm OIS lens (on the GH2). No vignetting from 35mm and upwards, but I was using it because of the OIS and autofocus, so I only have to guesstimate the distance on the anamorphic.


It was very windy and cold.. but this is definitely the 'fastest' way of getting an anamorphic shot with any of my lenses :)






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Thanks Tony :)

Don't have ND's that fit in this, have to find a solution for that, so I started at f/22 and f/16, last shots f/5.6 (maximum aperture of the 14-42mm). Did some tests with my Minolta 35mm 2.8 and 50mm 1.7 and it works fine at lower apertures I think. Will do a low light shoot soon!

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So your are manually focussing the scope and letting the back lens find its focus in free run autofocus?


The camera is in AF-S (single autofocus, not continuous) I guesstimate the distance to the subject and set the anamorphic to the mark (the Petit Cinevision has marks from 0.9 meters to 7.5 meters and infinity), then I half press the shutter so the taking lens gets the focus right. I could try continuous autofocus, but then i'd have to refocus the anamorphic as well and the focus ring isn't very smooth sadly.


For single AF it works fine and fast! Must faster than going into 10x zoom mode to fine tune the manual focus.

Of course most shots have huge dof, but the close ups are really sharp and in focus as well. This Petit Cinevision rocks for close-ups :)


Shame there aren't many OIS lenses for m43.. just the Panasonic zooms :( Would be nice to have a bright OIS prime for the BMPCC! Can't wait to try this anamorphic on the Pocket... 

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Bigger apertures!




First two shots with Minolta MD 135mm f/2.8. It doesn't focus to infinity with the 135mm, only near.


The other shots are all taken with the Minolta MD 35mm f/2.8, mostly at 2.8. Focussing gets difficult sometime. Corner quality is pretty poor and it vignettes a bit.


Also brought the Minolta MC 58mm f/1.4 but can't get anything into focus with that lens.


I should have taken my Konica Hexar 40mm f/1.8, just tried that, it's a bit soft at 1.8 (it is anyway, also without anamorphic), from f/2.8 it's very good and it doesn't vignette. I think I'm going to marry the Petit-Cinevision to the Konica :)


Will try some other lenses!

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another nice video and another petit cinevision price jump i think must be worth over 600 euros now easy  :)

using a low power achromat will cure the softness big time..

even without achromat the anamorphic is holding up much better than the optical recipe should.

some great shots in here..

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