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What did I buy? Anamorphot 8mm for Bolex H16


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The Anamorphic buying frenzy hit me again :)

I know it's not the smartest thing to buy something when you're not exactly aware of what it is.. But I couldn't let this one pass.


I have a big ISCO Optic Ultrastar 1.7x, very sharp, but big... I also have a reasonable sized Kowa B&H 2x, but still I'd like something smaller and I'd prefer a 1.5x anamorphic. I've been looking for the lovely Bolex 8/19/1.5X but the prices are sky high.


So I spotted this little boy on eBay and I just won the auction.

It's sold as 'Anamorphot Optic 8mm for Bolex H16' in flawless condition.


It definitely looks small, and it's 1.5x. Anybody recognises this lens?



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I bid on this too.  But limited my bid to £120.  I was unsure if it were a close focus one or not so didnt want to take a chance.  hopsed the guy would post up another shot but he never obliged me.  


this was shot on an 8mm cinevision 1.5x lens:-  vimeo.com/58784632  but it is a different model to yours.  I imagine yours will looks very similar 

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a lot of these where made buy yashica.

yashica ones used sharp nice quality optical glass.

many of the sankyoscope style ones used mirror prism.


so this lens has great potential if it has not been messed with.


even so worth spending time sorting as anyone that knows of the history of yashica will know that  they where a mighty fine  camera and optics firm.


can be a gamble but it can pay off sometimes as well.



shiga scope stuff was really rare as it was mainly hand made.

this is not shiga

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@rich: I knew someone from here must be bidding on it.. hehe.


@Tony: thanks for your reply, I'll have to wait until it arrives I guess, hope it turns out to be good! According to the seller it's mechanically and optically in 'flawless' condition. Hope he's right about that (or he gets his ass kicked in an eBay dispute).


It is a gamble indeed, but finding any small 1.5x anamorphic seems kinda impossible, unless you want to pay big money for a Bolex or you get extremely lucky.

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why dispute even it is soft it is worth it worth at least 500 quid after a service.

think you got a good deal 



i purchased an isco 36 last year it the cylindricall optics missing

so i purchased an unusable spherical  optic

an iscorama with zero anamorphic magic.

the seller said it was working perfect when he shipped it : )

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There it is, the 'Petit-Cinevision'. If I google this, the only hit I get is the eBay auction where I bought it... Could it be something like Angenieux? It also says 'made in Japan' on the side.



For good measurements, the Petit-Cinevision next to a bag of Haribo Goldbären. Everybody knows them right?

The Goldbären where supplied by the seller, which is good, so my girlfriend didn't go crazy I bought 'another stupid lens'. She ate them before I could take the picture.



The front. The glass looks really clean, in very good condition. The focus ring isn't smooth at all, its bumpy and lacking damping. But the lens elements seem to move fine. Also, it focuses from 0,9 meters to infinity, which is awesome.



My baby and the Jupiter 8 50mm f/2. The Petit-Cinevision already came with a Bolex-clamp included, I'll need some crazy step down filters though. It looks like it's made for the Jupiter though.

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Thanks, I'm loving it! Works well wide open, no diopters needed, crazy small.. I wonder how the corners look at f/4-f/8, I have the impression it's not bad at all. On my Minolta 28mm it gives a bit of vignetting, 35mm is fine. I wonder how it would work on a Sigma 30mm f/1.4.


Do you have any idea what lens it is? I have the feeling this little thing is worth it's weight (ok.. it's not much ;)) in gold!

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No, sorry I don't know, even if I'm looking thru all these kind of lenses :) "Tony Wilson" must be right, maybe Yashica. 


Here is a link (sorry in french) but it is not in it ...





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It looks a bit like the baby Hypergonar design wise.

It's funny, apparently there exists technology on this world which you cannot find on the internet ;)


Where do you get step down rings with 'big steps'? I'm not sure what the thread sizes are. The Bolex adapter is just a bit smaller than a C-mount thread. Seems to be around 23mm. I'd like to mount it as close as possible to the lens. But finding a 55mm to ~23mm step down filter is a bit difficult :) A step down filter that would bring the anamorphic even closer to the lens element would be perfect..

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I think that everybody here is secretly or not-so-secretly hoping to find an anamorphic that no one else has and to make that look their own.


This certainly looks promising. Congratulations on your find!



Nice sharpness here.  Looks really promising.  I expected it to be a bit more flare prone than it looks.  do you have a nice bright torch to blast into it?  Would be nice to see some mega flares if it can make them.  


re. Quickhitrecord's comment.  it's true.  its nice to have your own specific look.  I'm currently looking at making some customised taking lenses specifically to help give a rustic look to less rustic anamorphic lenses.  I'd love to hear your views about what you look for in a lens:-  



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it is made by yashica japan for a small company in europe.
long ago.

made for a 8mm camera a tiny gem called
paillard bolex made in Sainte-Croix
of swiss hue
petit cinvision
probably a few birthed and cherished from the outset.
but that was so long ago
before beatles or the floyd
many died or vanished over the years
some trashed and smashed
some dumped
some rotting in damp film camera box
or draw
most buried deep in cankered grim landfill
one survived without the help of steve Mcqueen
on triumph
and made the great escape.
some love and gentle polishing should be given
for the long avoided vanished and anamorphically abused.
three cheers for yashica scoping not quite a hypergonar
but related with recipe created by a master chef called
Henri Chretien
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Yep, i'm officially the happiest man on EOS HD right now.. Thanks Tony :)

I'll treat my baby Henri Crétien with great care and love.


As far as I've seen the look it gives is pretty clean. I pointed some bright led torches at it, it flares, but not exactly mega flare. Seems to depend more on the taking lens.


I need to find a proper way to attach it to a lens now... hand holding it just doesn't cut it.


The adapter has a thread that is just a little smaller than the 25.4mm C-mount. If I put it in my C-mount adapters it just fits in loosely. I suspect it's something like ~24.5mm (could it be 24mm? I found some B&W filters in 24mm). Or is it measured in one of the 'series'?


It must be some standard thread size since it was supposed to be used on a Bolex H16 (at least, according to the seller). I can't find any info on filter size for Bolex lenses, it seems like they used gel filters then.


The easiest way would be a step down filter. Anyone know a place where they have those in odd varieties? The smallest step down I can find goes to 37mm.

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Julian, you are a lucky man, again congratulation :)




there is always a but ;)


1- This is not "really" a lens from Henri Chrétien (well I suppose). The baby Hypergonar does. 

2- I'm not sure step down ring is a good solution... Do not forget you have to align the lens...


For very small lens like yours you can ask "Tony"'s clamp

Or take this (it's what I'm using for my "new again" baby hypergonar (with adding spacers)) :



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My wannabe Henri Chrétien then ;)


I can still align the lens with a step down filter. See the pictures, there is a 'clamp' included.


Thanks for the eBay link, sadly it's not available anymore but I'll send a message. And I'll know where to find Tony if it doesn't work out. I'm already a happy customer, got a Redstan clamp for my Kowa.

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