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Guess the Led light

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In that case I'm going with JazzBox. :grin: My initial thoughts too.

I just thought that maybe you wanted to make a point about cheaper not heaving to mean less good/perhaps even better than expensive. But I guess it's more about value.

As with almost everything... and at some point in history I've made a crappy graphic to illustrate just that, let me just bring that back for a moment:


So it shows that...

x1. when you spend too little cash on something, it doesn't really do all that much for you

x2. when you spend just enough cash on something, that it does everything rather well

x3. when you're at the point that you have to have the best of the best at all costs, it will cost you all

But the real lesson there is... there's a rapid increase in pay off from paying almost nothing to paying a bit more. Expensive can mean better value. However, at some point, the more you spend you just get marginally better results.

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Here I am!

I wanted to make two points. 1) On blind tests little people partecipate and everyone is very cautious about the words they use. 2) Thank Science/God technology advances!

A: Is the Aputure Led Ring light, which declares 95CRI. 42€

B: Is a Yongnuo 300. 90€

C: Is an old Litepanels Micro that I payed a lot of money for, but a long time ago. 

I have a pair of Yongnuo that I would like to change for Aputures 95CRI. But the improvement is not that day/night!!! ;-DD


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On 12 maggio 2016 at 10:34 AM, Xavier Plágaro Mussard said:

Because you prefer B and think it should be more expensive??

The C looks a little greenish on my monitor, so I thought it would be the cheaper. The A and the B are both good but the B to my eyes is slightly better on skintones.

Probably the technology of A and B is improved from the expensive but old Lite Panel. 
I'm happy to notice that, because I also have a couple of Youngnuo 600 :) 

Yes, Aputure are probably a little better in terms of construction, but they are very close in color rendition. Lots of people hate cheap  LED panel, but I really love the simplicity of use for independent/ low budget shooting and the great look you can achieve. 

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