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GH4 Speed Booster

Clayton Moore

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On February 29, 2016 at 7:05 PM, andy lee said:

Metabones XL is built like a tank - very tight sung fit onto the micro 4/3 mount no movement at all very solid - no issues at all I have 8 Metabones XLs in all ...all are perfect


That's good to know, im thinking of picking up a gh4 with the .64 speedbooster

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I've recently got on the G7 bandwagon, looking to speedboost for cheap. I picked up 2 'Camdiox' focal reducers. One for FD Mount, one for EF. I've heard the 'Camdiox' brand is just a re-naming of Roxsen.

Unfortunately I sent both back. Despite the description saying otherwise, neither of them were able to focus to infinity, plus I think the optical quality suffered (though it's hard to say, since I had no other adapter to try my lenses out with)

I've heard that all cheap speed boosters are made in the same factory, which I would believe. I could well be wrong there though.

I've also heard the zhyongi lens turbo to be better than most. I'm considering biting the bullet and just getting the metabones XL version. Not heard a single complaint about them, and would be nice to use modern lenses (the metabones can control aperture electronically, unlike the cheaper ones)

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