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t3i vs t4i vs NEX 5r vs NEX 7


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Hi there good people of this forum...


I fullishly sold my beloved GH2 in hopes of buying the BMC camera. I got a work in the mean time to shoot webisodes and I need camera quickly, but don't want to spend too much money as I have very limited funds for that damn BMC whenever it comes.


I know that t3i and t4i are not amazing cameras any more, but they are dirt cheap at the moment and are good enough for the kind of work I m doing at the moment, and from the research I have done I believe that t3i is better only because MAgic Lantern is fully working on it. Am I right here?


I have been looking into Sony NEX 5r and NEX 7, but I have absolute no experience with these cameras, which one of the two is better and how do they compare with EOS t3i/t4i in image quality?


Please let me know your thoughts.



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Canon are really unpopular now and particularly here, but I love the T2i/T3i. The T4i touch-screen and lack of Magic Lantern I'm not into. Firmware is amazing due to Magic Lantern, it gives the NEX a sound kicking on bit-rate too. I bought a Mosaic engineering filter to go in it too, and coupled with high bitrates from Magic Lantern it looks great.


NEX lets you use more lenses though, and that speed booster will work with it, when it comes out, and if you want to buy it etc etc.


If standard AVCHD will be enough, the NEX cameras look like a good option to me. As far as I know they're pretty similar to EOS in terms of moire and resolution, but I stand to be corrected by someone with more experience.

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GH2 is $700.00+. The T3i is cheaper.

GH2 = $680



t3i = $600



The extra $80 is well worth it IMO

This pricing is based on the cheapest I could find from (TRUSTED) sites.

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what exactly are these webisodes you have to do?  I'm assuming these "webisodes" aren't related to the stuff you had planned for your BMCC.  seeing the popularity of youtube content, even a "high end point and shoot" camera would do fine.  or even the best camcorders under $300

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New GH2 are out of stock. I considered getting GH3, but need money for BMC and voigtlander lenses.


The webisodes and shorts that I have to do are not part of what I planned for BMC shooting. They have dramatic structure, so I need big sensor camera. I was thinking of what cheap cam I could get that would not hurt my budget for the BMC, new lenses for it and hopefully metabones adapter if it is ever made for MFT mount.


Two cheapest cameras are t3i, which is not that bad considering it has magic lantern, and NEX 5r, and I have no experience with NEX cameras.

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I have a voightlander 17.5 for sale and MIGHT consider selling my gh2.

But I would almost rather sell my gh3 than gh2 until the 3 is hacked lol 


and as far as the t3i goes, I may be spoiled by the look of the my 6d and the 10000 5D mk2 & mk3 videos online.

but the t3i/t4i just comes off as a "generic" version of canon that is sold by some shady dude in a dark ally.

it doesn't have that same warm and loving look as some of the others.  look into a mkII 

I've seen a few places selling them for around $1500 to hold you over till the BMCC is released.

and magic lantern is good to go with it.  


I'm waiting patiently for a GH3 hack (which is a long time away) and ML for the 6d (which is hopefully done in a week or two)

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@ gravitatemediagroup


How much are you selling the Voigtlander for? I have been looking for some time to buy it.


BTW how does unhacked GH3 footage looks like in comparison to hacked GH2?


I m more and more considering t3i as I can get a new one for $450. That is definitely not a big dent in my budget, and hopefully that damn BMC MFT mount will come out soon.. :)

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Hm.. Pretty discouraging.. It's a good price for Voight. but I guess I'll wait a little to see what's happening with that MFT BMC.

I have no Canon lenses. Was thinking to hit 2nd hand lens shops... Could I fit APS-C and FF canon lenses on t3i?


Now that I hear that BMC MFT is not coming any time soon, I m tempted to look more seriously into GH3. That Chinese mini KINO cam looks interesting, but God knows when will that be on sale too....

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are you asking this about the voightlander? 

if no...no way

Oh no, I know that voightlander is MFT, just in general as I have Nikon FD (FF) glass and a beautiful 85mm Carl Zeis which is a FF too, and I m getting Samyaong 35 EOS, again a FF. I m wondering if I could feet those on t3i (first two with some kind of adapter)?

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