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t3i vs t4i vs NEX 5r vs NEX 7


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Oh no, I know that voightlander is MFT, just in general as I have Nikon FD (FF) glass and a beautiful 85mm Carl Zeis which is a FF too, and I m getting Samyaong 35 EOS, again a FF. I m wondering if I could feet those on t3i (first two with some kind of adapter)?


Yes you can use Nikon F and Contax Zeiss C/Y glass on T3i. If it's only a temporary camera, you could get a T2i for even less money!


I have the 85mm f1.4, one of my favorites. In fact, all my lenses for the T2i are Carl Zeiss C/Y mount, apart from one Olympus OM.


So you can put M43, Nikon F, Pentax K, C/Y, Olympus... plenty of excellent glass on them. Not as exotic or street cred as old Moscow Leica copies, but they look great! Olympus OM is particularly cheap and cheerful.


I use ebay adaptors, they all focus fine to infinity. I get AF Confirm chips cos I shoot stills too sometimes, and the chip flashes the confirm dot throught the viewfinder when in focus, but peaking with Magic Lantern is better to be honest, so you could probably get away with the adaptors without the chip.


Hope some of this helps you get though the BMD drought ;)

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Very true. T3i would be just a temporary cam. BMC is nowhere in sight, KineRaw looks very interesting, but again God knows when will that cam be available too, and RED is still very expensive for me.


Sometimes I m thinking about investing in FS100 or even FS700, but than I would have to forget about RAW filming that I hoped to get from BMC.


Thanks for the suggestions..

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Thanks jgharding


I m still thinking about what camera to purchase. My mind tells me to get cheap t3i and install ML, invest in some more good lenses (Samyang 35mm and maybe 24mm) and keep my money for when BMC is here or if one of the Chinese wonder KINO cinemas come out.


However my heart is telling me to try out with a bit better cameras now, as I found 5Dm2 for a very good price, and I m also curious about GH3 and Sony NEX 7...


...decisions, decisions...

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It looks like my choice is narrowed down between 5Dm2 and GH3. I don't think that NEX 7 is as good as those two.

I just don't know which of the two to go for.

On one side I loved working with 5Dm2 - full frame is great as are the colors, they have really filmic look for me, and with Magic Lantern, quality of the picture is not terrible.

On the other, I really enjoyed my GH2, so I expect even more from GH3, however it is MFT sensor as opposed to FF and I read that the picture looks to video-like and is not as filmic as 5D...

Any thoughts....

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You've owned a GH2 before right? And didn't notice the more video look before? Not coming off as rude, but just an observation.


Full frame isn't a deal breaker for me as I don't really find a need for it for what I'm doing. Just stick with GH2. Tons of support for it here and elsewhere on the internet, tons of lens options, patches for amazing quality...The 5D is too mushy for my taste and not worth it for me. You can always do some post work to edit the image to your liking.



Glass never lets you down, it's true, digital bodies come and go...


Couldn't agree more. Invest in glass. Any of those cameras are good though so whichever route you take you'll be good!

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You've owned a GH2 before right? And didn't notice the more video look before? Not coming off as rude, but just an observation


Oh no, I liked the look of GH2, however I never worked with GH3 and heard that it has video look... much more than GH2. Not sure if it's true.

Is Magic Lantern 5Dm2 image quality nearly as good as GH3?

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Is Magic Lantern 5Dm2 image quality nearly as good as GH3?


It's different  They all look different and are different to use, the stats alone don't speak. Even when it comes to cameras that are supposed to be something of a blank canvas, like Alexa and Red, they still have an individual feel. There's a lot of software, hardware, firmware, and hugely different implementations of codecs especially in the DSLR arena.


Sony's AVCHD and sensor, for example, has completely different noise pattern and characteristics to Canon's, the footage feels different in motion and in the way you can treat it and the results you get. People can spout numbers til the cows come home but the more cameras you deal with, the more you see each has plus and minus points that become evident in use.


Personally, I'd probably only use a 5D MKii for video with the Mosaic engineering filter, as the moire and aliasing are annoying to me, so I'd factor that into the cost TBH. Though I will buy one when they're cheaper for the awesome stills!


Even though they're soft, I've always liked the look of the Canons more than Sony or Panasonic, especially with Magic Lantern crankey to 2.8x bit rate with the sound recording off, even though I own an RX100 and recently hired the FS700 a few times. That's just my taste, but some people think canon are really fuzzy and nasty. Fair enough! It's just preference, like lenses. I like Canon cameras, but I don't like L-glass, i find it a bit sterile. I like Zeiss and Leica glass, but some people swear by L.


So if you really loved the GH2, why not get one again if you can find one at a good price, or a GH3 (if it has peaking)? You can't beat what you know. 


If it's minimum cost/power you're after, T2i and Magic Lantern is pocket change, though again you have the aliasing issues, but before I got the mosaic filter I shot plenty of things people paid for and none of them noticed, so as a cheap body it should help you out til you can buy another.


If you have exotic lenses, Nex 5N looks pretty cool to me for its new-found low price...

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