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Short Film Shot on the Samsung NX1 ("Free")

Micah Mahaffey

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Looks very cinematic and good. Sound is a bit weird and not in sync in the hammering scene.

Thanks! :) The sound isn't "out of sync" on the hammer scene but may appear that way due to a low end bass eco added to make the hits sound larger. 

Great achievement. Please share your settings, grading, luts.


Did you use a polarizer? 

Settings for all the desert scenes were gamma DR -5 contrast, -5 sharpness -5 black level, - 2 saturation. Dinner scenes were all the same except sharpness was at -10 which actually looks better IMO. I only used a polarizer on the scene filming through the windshield towards the end. I used a film stock lut as the baseline and modified it. I don't have it currently on hand and don't remember the specific one.

Nice little short, great work.

Thanks! :)

Nice work!

and thank you too!

Gosh...that was too real man. Haha, great work. 

right? Haha XD and thanks for watching!

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