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Metabones Speed Booster affect on second hand lens market etc.


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Just curious about people's views on this.

What will the trends be?


Do you think sneaky people will now go around cherry picking fast second hand lenses on eBay to resell for lots more money when using a Speed Booster becomes a norm?


Or will there not be much affect just cheaper old lenses like  f2 and f2.8 becoming more popular?

Maybe selling for a little bit more.


Will new Canon lenses start selling very well to the MFT market and we all get on like happy bunnies?!

Will people say  "I love my GH3 with my Canon glass they were made for each other!!!"

"My Canon glass is so much better than when it was on my Canon!"


And what will the affect be on the beloved Voigtlander 25mm and the 17.5mm? Will they get the cold shoulder?

Will the prices tumble.


Will SLRMagic be checking out all the books on advanced optics from the local library. Only kidding ;)


Predictions please.

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To be honest, I don't think it will have an noticeable effect on the market.


Don't get me wrong, I'm super enthusiastic about the Speed Booster and I can't wait to get a M43 version, but right now it mainly applies to dslr film makers. Yes, it does autofocus, but poorly. The big masses of photographers won't be as enthusiastic as I am. If I were a photographer, I'd just buy a Nikon D600 or 5D Mark II if I'd want cheap fullframe.


I don't have any figures (who does?), but I think the NEX/M43-users who mainly focus on filming are quite a tiny minority compared to the overall market.


People already know the value of fast lenses. They already are highly sought after and in demand by serious photographers/filmmakers. The f/2.8 lenses are relatively abundant and cheap. They will become more valuable to aps-c/m43 users now, but nothing will really change because they already were interesting on fullframe camera's and their market values are pretty settled down I think.

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Also, don't forget, the market for these lenses as it exists now isn't actually a "baseline" of no special interest.  Older, particularly manual focus lenses, were dusted off and made re-valuable again, post digital SLR boom, due to the introduction of 35mm lens adapters for DV/HDV/etc. filmmakers,  like the ones Redrock Micro and Letus and P+S have been making for some time.  


I paid more for my pre-owned, classic Nikkor lenses than they cost new (in most cases, in some a couple times more) when I started looking for them on ebay back in late 2005/early 2006 and prices are still up there and got a pro Nikon 35mm body for about $35 because nobody was buying film DSLRs by then.

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Well personally I am looking at my options now, before all the other 'johnny come latelys' show up. My prediction... Contax Zeiss f1.4 sets are gonna be the ones that benefit most from this. 35mmf1.4, 50mmf1.4 and 85mmf1.4. Sod modern Canon glass. Way too expensive when when we start to consider the AF part of them is near unusable. Id rather the sharper and faster Zeisses for less money. when they nail an aps-c sensor that is 80mp with base iso of 800, and stick a speed booster type system on there we will be looking at a system that will surpass the eye of a kestrel in sharpness/detail, and with low light ability better than an owl. The planar 50mm f1.4 is the single best performing 50mm design for full frame, so this is what i'm gonna focus on. Only brand better would be a set of leica, but this is not within any forseable budget for me:)
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I think the Speed Booster appeals to every single mirrorless camera owner around. And those with an APS-C DSLR are likely to be extremely jealous and consider swapping. I know a lot of people who shoot Rebel + L glass because they can't afford a full frame camera. Now they can swap systems and not have to sell all their glass & reinvest.


The full frame look is now nothing that is exclusive to a few high end cameras.


The 6D and 5D Mark III will continue to sell well but in video terms there's no even less reason to get one on the basis that the sensor size adds something special.


The 1D C for example is full frame, well APS-H... And that was a big deal. Now, not so much since suddenly anything 4K and Super 35mm sized has the full frame look and a wider aperture.

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