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  1. Lone ranger is doing badly cause it just looks like a crap film. The tailer looked dull and too long. I go to the movies 2-3 times a forghtnight but even I wouldnt waste my money on the Lone Ranger. It looks so uninteresting.
  2. Thanks every one for the info. I managed to dig up some of the same info that has been said. Its interesting at how varied he builds are on lenses of the same series. I'm not interested in buying it, even at a much lower price, just curious.   The extra stop and focal length crop/zoom with the adapter is interesting. As is reports that some of the lenses are very affected by moisture and require "purified gasoline" to clean them as water can make the elements dissolve. Sounds rather odd to me. Just more info that makes it even more interesting I guess.
  3. Hi guys,   Purely an academic question but I'm curious about this lens: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/LOMO-Arriflex-20-120mm-f-3-3-PL-Anamorphic-cinemascope-Panavision-Lens-RED-Arri-/121052730025?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item1c2f4e12a9   Ive been interested in anamorphic lenses for a fair while now but never pulled the trigger on buying one. I'm not planing on buying this one ether as its way beyond any price I could justify. But I was interested if any one had any info or opinions about it.   Is it really an Arri lens? Wouldn't something like this solve the dual focusing issue that many lens + anamorphic adapter combinations have? Wouldn't it also solve the problem of chasing down an entire set of prime lenses? Whats that "1,2,3,4,5" Bit behind the aperture on the barrel all about? Is it an attractive option to you guys? (ignoring the price)   Any thoughts...
  4. Also remember that the Speedbooster will not give you a shallower DOF just more light. The aperture diameter stays the same so the Voigtlander and SLR Magic .95 lenses still have there appeal.
  5. Hey Andrew just a thought, could an anamorphic version of the adapter be made? Squeezing the horizontal but not the vertical? Ive never shot with Anamorphic lenses so I might be missing something but was thinking it could be a easy, cheep and cool option if it was possible. I guess you wouldn't get the same flare characteristics?? Just an idea any way.
  6. Im really not interested in an adapter, I'd like to se a set of prime animorphic lenses, 25, 35, 50, 85, 100. That would be great. save on the dual focusing issues I read about. Woul be a better option for SLR Magic I would have thought as well as customers are not just buying one adapter they would get several lenses.
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