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Blackmagic Video Assist Review

Andrew Reid

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OK, I need some pro input. I got a reply from Samsung, the NX1 will only output 59.94 frames per second to a 1080p recorder. But, I can still select an internal record rate of 23.98 or 24 fps, and set the shutter speed to 1/50. When I record the footage to the VA, the motion blur actually looks like 24, but it records as 59.94. 

Is this a bad idea to record like this? 

thanks for taking the time to do this and upload. could you have possibly mislabeled the video sections?

because the bottom one looks cleaner in the shadows to me and is labeled nx1 

The bottom one is the NX1 (I was surprised too!). I think what I did in the first test with the window was film UHD, then downconverted to 422 1080p. Hence, the really cruddy image from the NX1. If I record in UHD, then convert to UHD 422, the image is really clean. I will keep testing though

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Hi everyone!

My head is spinning! I was about to buy the Blackmagic video assist for my A7Sii when I read this: 

" [...] there’s no way for the Video Assist to do a 3:2 or 2:2 pulldown on the interlaced output from cameras like the Sony a7S. Even though some (mostly Sony) cameras are set to shoot progressive, they output the image in an interlaced signal over HDMI. - newshooter)

News Shooter is the only source I found for this. Is anyone else having an issue with their A7SII shooting in 1080 at 23.97fps NTSC in progressive? I do not want interlaced footage!


Also, is the "green" in the monitor that bad? It seems reviews complain about it, but most official "review" posts don't mention anything about a green tint. Your feedback is much appreciated! I was about the buy the Nina2, but I may be swaying back again due to the interlace and green concerns! (I do not need an external recorder that can do 4k. The shoots that require long recoding times are not 4K shoots (eg documenting plays, talks, for youtube/storage). 


Any other "weird" thing I may have missed about A7Sii and the Video Assist thats a deal-breaker for anyone else?


Thanks everyone!

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Update btw...


What's new in Blackmagic Video Assist 1.2

  • Adds DNxHD codec
  • Adds extended Zebra range
  • Adds SD card record time remaining on status overlays
  • Adds clip playback information panel
  • Adds HDMI record trigger

~ https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/readme/36eb968b2a65479585360770e32676de


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Great review Andrew! 

I'll probably get one, as I have the budget and a gap in my field kit.

I do agree that the next iteration ought to implement a wireless I/O comm, but it can't happen with current wireless protocols AND pass a 4K stream.

My guess is that the next 'BMD Video Assist, will support 4K Prores as an update. It would be great if that occurred via firmware.

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