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  1. OK, I need some pro input. I got a reply from Samsung, the NX1 will only output 59.94 frames per second to a 1080p recorder. But, I can still select an internal record rate of 23.98 or 24 fps, and set the shutter speed to 1/50. When I record the footage to the VA, the motion blur actually looks like 24, but it records as 59.94. Is this a bad idea to record like this? The bottom one is the NX1 (I was surprised too!). I think what I did in the first test with the window was film UHD, then downconverted to 422 1080p. Hence, the really cruddy image from the NX1. If I record in UHD, then convert to UHD 422, the image is really clean. I will keep testing though
  2. Here's a test clip: NX1 UHD converted to 422 vs the VA recording in 422 (not converted). The video here is 1080p h.264, so it might be kinda hard to tell the difference, but it looks like the NX1 had less banding. If you can't tell what you needed from the clip, I can upload full-sized stills from each device. LIghting test.mov
  3. The moire in camera on the NX1 is not as bad as it looks there, but there is definitely less in the VA. But hmcindie is right, it's really hard to tell from those pictures since they are cruddy stills. If you want me to test something, let me know, it will help me learn the camera!
  4. I recorded simultaneously so it's the same focus, but I was shooting on an old Canon FD lens, so the image does end up kinda soft. No problem! I see what you mean with the banding, when I get the chance I'll post more tests here.
  5. We don't have any white walls at home, but I think you can see what you are asking in the trim. The first is the NX1 shot in UHD transcoded to 422, the second is the VA recorded in 422. If you're looking for the blocks in the shadow areas, I've seen alot less with the VA so far.
  6. Here's what I did: 1. Plug the NX1 into the VA and set output to 1080p 2. Hit the d-pad right once to get to video preview 3. Hit the d-pad up four times to clear the overlays from the monitor. Give it a shot!
  7. I'm not too sure how the downscaling works. I tried setting the output to 1080p, then recording to the VA with the NX1 internal setting at 1080p then UHD; I can't really see a difference. (See attached photos) The focus peaking is sick. To see how well it would show up and test accuracy, I filmed the shots below using the green dot focus peaking.
  8. 1. I can't tell what the NX1 is outputting, I've emailed BMD support and they said the VA cannot affect the frame rate, so it has to be what the camera is outputting. I'm still waiting to hear from Samsung support. 2. They can record simultaneously! 3. I'm not a professional by any means, but to me the 1080p on the VA looks remarkably clearer than the internal 1080p on the NX1. I don't mind the questions since I'm trying to figure everything out as well; if you need me to test something, just let me know! The NX1 does not have a 1080p "clean out" option, but you can set the display to clear the overlays (see attached image recorded on VA). The VA won't downscale video to 1080p via HDMI, but I've heard rumor that the NX1 can downscale internally and output as 1080p. I'm going to ask Samsung support if I ever hear from them...
  9. I got the Samsung NX1 (after getting the EOSHD guide of course), and I'm recording video to the Blackmagic Video Assist but the only frame rate it will output is 59.94. The VA still records this rate even with the camera set to output 1080p and any rate selected (i.e. 23.98, 24, etc.). Anyone else run into this issue? BMD support says the issue has to be the camera, no reply from Samsung support yet...
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