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Price Levels for Anamorphic Lenses

Emin Henri Mahrt

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I am not an expert like most others here. But I owned the anamorphics in question but sold them because they did not suit my needs.

Maybe this should be the first question instead of price: "which one suits me".

However I think the LA is totally overpriced. Optex and Century the same for it's capabilities. Sankors are better and could be found

on ebay around 200-350 Euros. I like the color, sharpness, flare but it is not the most practical (heavy) and you have to get used to double

focus.  Unfortunately most lenses are overpriced I think but some are so great they are worth the high price.

(good Iscorama, Möller) The best thing is to be patient instead of waisting money for wrong decisions. Good luck! 

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money money money...

show me a cheap lens that works well on a 5d and i will eat it.

the sensor as they said in that movie is a bridge to far.


plenty of stuff can get you across the 5d bridge but you have to sell a family member to an albanian sex pimp to pay for a ticket.

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canon 7d sensor (aps-c) is pretty close to s35.  about 2mm difference if that.  


Anamorphic 35mm is 21mm, between the GH2 at 19mm and APS sensor at 22.3mm.  Given the histrionics over sensor sizes and a few mm  either way seemingly make-or-break, rendering any new camera god or goat, the GH2 and 7D are much closer than Super-35 at almost 25mm though don't take this as an endorsement of smaller or bigger being better.  


I mean, it's been a while since I was in a math class but I recognize this as a simple truth that's often overlooked.

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all eye is talkin about is the range of takin lens dat can be used on 7d size down is bigeror niceroror dan on dem bastard 5ds

dont gets me wong eye likes der 5d it takes very nice picktures super strong for snaps.
in der raw foto mode.

der vid e o looks like a hooker in a store window in amsterdamed migty perty from some disdance.
pasty and full ofs satanick decay ups close.
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