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  1. Hi, what experiences do you have with choosing the right aperture for the best possible focus? I use a gh2 + canon fd 50mm 1.4 + anamorphic adapter (century optix like) And i have very big difficulties to get any focus from objects more far away than 5 meters. Here a little test Any tips? Thanks a lot Emin
  2. This one http://bit.ly/widescreenlens   @Farges, i did it with a square note paper and eded up at 2.21:1 but i think thats "not normal" too. Can it be?
  3. Hi,   i am a bit confused. I bought a "16:9 widescreen lens" glass and everything looks anamorphic, picture is stretched too. After playing around with the footage and VLC i recognised, that my footage with (i've used the Anamorphic LPowell Flowmotion Hack) 1920x810 looks stretched here an example:   https://vimeo.com/56705511   A few days later i checkt on a "square note" paper and saw, that the image is streched. I endet up with 2.21:1 with 1920x868 resolution. Is that right or am i doing something wrong?   https://vimeo.com/58817096   Thank you and best regards Emin    
  4. Thank you Tony! Im testing with gh2   see my work here www.deremin.de its on the front page   or here https://vimeo.com/56705511   I will try to play around with the lens. You think it is possible to order "better glasses" somewhere?
  5. Hi,   im new into anamorphic lenses and i see huge price differences from lens to lens.   Lets say, what should i pay for   - Sankor 16c, d, f - Century Optics 1.33x - LA   and so on. Any suggestions / price ranges?   Thanks Emin
  6. Wenn i turn around the glass insite the optic i can adjust the focus (the two glasses, rear and front have to be in the exact same position in order to get a focus picture).   The focus is good enough when i check close distance shots, but very bad for everything more far away than 2.5 meters...
  7. Thank you for your answer but that basically does not explain why the lens has a "ok" focus on near distance and a bad focus on far distance objects.
  8. Maybe this is normal.   I have an 1.33x anamorphic lens adapter (widescreen center). Its not very sharp at all but especially on far distances its nearly impossible to focus.   Close objects (1-2m) are in focus, everything over 2m is nearly impossible to focus.   Maybe it has something to do with the lens build? It has a front and a rear glass, i im able to remove these glasses. Also, i can "turn" them around. Only, when both glasses are in an exact same position, the image gets sharp. I tryed to find the exact right position by hand buts thats very difficult...     So or so, nothing helps with the "far distance" focus, i just dont get a focussed image. Will post some pictures here later - or is this normal with anamorphic adapters?   I think this is my lens: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0Bxircl2ROioAX2ZxenZzMUFOcXM  
  9. At personal-view.com i've got that answer:     @eminogrande At ISO 3200 on either the GH1 or GH2, MJPEG is definitely going to be noisy. With an anamorphic adapter, I'd recommend shooting at ISO 800 or less. MJPEG 1.33x anamorphic mode has two advantages over post-processing 24p anamorphic footage: Convenience - the camera does the 1.33x horizontal stretch, producing square pixels natively. Compression quality - the camera stretches the frame before it's encoded into MJPEG format. The drawback of stretching the frame in post is that you're working with compressed 8-bit color data. Whats you opinion on that? I tryed different hacks and like you said before, i saw better results in 24p (hacked) mode AHVCD but i also would like to "trust" what LPowell told me above.
  10. Basically the best result i've got was by using the 24p mode and editing the image with adobe premiere pro. Adobe implemented a "native" easy way to interpret the footage to "correct" it to the right 1.33 (in my case) format.   I think i will go with that. Still, im quite qurious why people use the MJPEG mode instead of the 24p cinema mode.   I just dont get it =)   Best regard Emin   BTW: i really like your work!
  11. Got this one working: http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/479/gh2-mjpeg-100mbps-low-light-1080p-settings/p1   I use a 1.33x adapter and your anamorphic patch. For me, it seams like the image is much noisier than before.   I read somewhere, that this is "normal" and i have to reduce the noice later with my editing program (i just have premiere pro). Is that right or wrong? Sorry if im asking stupid questions.   Please check my video: https://vimeo.com/56560038   Also, i dont 100% get the advantage of using MJPEG instead of AHVCD 24p mode (which is much more cinematic) - is there an easy explanation why i should use MJPEG?   Isnt it better to do the post processing (in example exporting the image in 1080p, 1.33 PAR via Adobe Premiere Pro or interpret the footage and let Premiere Pro do the work) than let it be done by the camera? My actual patch is automaticall cropping the picture to 1920x810 out of the camera.   Hope this is the right place to ask this kind of questions.   Best regards Emin
  12. Thanks, i tryed that, its still 640 so i guess my hack didnt work =)   Thanks though, i will try it patching it again.   Cheers Emin
  13. Hi,   i've a general question. Is there any use of filming in MJPEG mode if i use an anamorphic adapter such as the century optix 1.33x?   Also, i tryed to switch my camera (after hacking it) to VGA Mode but i just could not find the MJPEG 1920x720/30p - what am i doing wrong here? Might the patch didnt work or is it just, thats not the VGA Mode and im trying the wrong video mode - which one is the right one?   Thanks for your help Emin
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