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New photo/video editing monitor...on a budget

Marco Tecno

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I'm considering a monitor. Its primary use would be photo editing (I'm an advanced hobbyists, not a pro). I'd use it for video editing as well and sometimes for 3d gaming. Let's say 65-20-15%.


I'd like to buy a 27". Even if I own a nx1, I don't need 4k since I mainly downscale/crop my videos to fhd (and keep the original for future editing). But I'd like a qvga res especially for photo editing.


I'd like to spend 500€ at most.


I'm considering the BenQ gw2765ht monitor. Anybody using it already? Seems decent for occasional gaming and good for photo/video. 


Any hint? Thanks!

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I have dell u2410 24 inch using it with deck link mini monitor  and resolve but did the calibration for rec 709 and i am getting really accurate results. Dell ultra sharps are really good monitors ps if you get dell for example my i can access factory mode and get full control which is awesome. So yeah dell you cant go wrong

PS i slo called dell by phone and haggled over the price they took 150 off from 500 by telling them that i can buy monitor with same spec for less. it was more like i can buy better monitor what can you do for me they are like 150 ok? 3 years after and monitor is still going strong no problems at all

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