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Advice/Suggestions: 35mm lens for Iscorama


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Anyone have any suggestions for a 35mm lens to use with an Iscorama - don't want to break the bank.
I use a Canon 60D & already have a 30mm Meyer Lydith, but it produces a kind of fisheye effect.

I was thinking of the Mir-1B 37mm f2.8 - cheap & gets a quite good rap.

If i could spend the money i'd get a Mir 24M, but £150 is too much at the moment.

Ideally nothing slower than f2.8 & no zooms.

Any/all suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Cheers Guys,

Once i get a few more replies, i'll have to take a trip to a local-ish secondhand camera store & see what little gems he has hidden away - last time i went in, i walked away with a nice Jupiter 9 for £40/50.

Getting a bit fed up with Rip-me-off-Bay!
Sent loads of things back recently - "Oh, i didn't realise that was fungus!", "The dent in the filter thread didn't seem that bad!", "I couldn't see 3 marks on the rear element" or "There wasn't that much oil on the blades when i last looked"
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I don't have an Iscorama yet, but the Nikkor AI-S series has been wonderful with anamorphic lenses in my experience. Especially the 85mm I have (with my GH2). Just make sure to read the reviews. Some are better than others.

[quote name='Bioskop.Inc' timestamp='1351018425' post='20182']
Getting a bit fed up with Rip-me-off-Bay!
Sent loads of things back recently - "Oh, i didn't realise that was fungus!", "The dent in the filter thread didn't seem that bad!", "I couldn't see 3 marks on the rear element" or "There wasn't that much oil on the blades when i last looked"

I just recently scored two pristine cine-modded Nikkor lenses on eBay -- for less than the cost of the mod! There are still good deals to be had out there.
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Cheers, I have been wondering about Nikkor AI-S lenses (they were my first thought), but no one really shouts & screams about them - best held secret or just too obvious?

Yeah, i've had some great deals too, almost too good to be true at times, but have also experienced more of the downside of Shody-Bay with some real bad luck from dishonest dealers!
Just seems at the moment that the lenses i've been looking at aren't in auction, just the Buy It Now tag - so no chance for a bargin.
Hard financial times for everyone!
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For Nikkors, you might want to have a look at either the Nikkor 35mm f/2.8 AI (sharper than the AI/AI-S 35mm f/2), or the extremely sharp and low distortion Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 AI-S depending on what Iscorama you have. Both of these have 52mm filter threads in front for mounting.

Since you have around 1.6x crop factor on the 60D the 35mm's shouldn't be a problem, maybe slight vignetting - I use a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 on my Nikon D800 (full frame, pretty much equivalent to how a 35mm will appear on 60D with 1.6x crop) together with the old Iscorama with 30mm rear lens element and can avoid vignetting very nicely if I stay around f/2.5 to f/2.8.

The 28mm f/2.8 is one of Nikon's best made all-metal manual focus lenses, and if you got a larger Iscorama 42/54, the 28mm f/2.8 would be a great choice for 1.6x crop. The 28mm however will most likely vignet a bit on the Isco 36.

Especially the 35mm f/2.8 can be had really cheap if you look around.
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Thanks guys,

I have a 54 & it doesn't vignette with my 30mm Meyer Lydith, but does when i add diopters - so why i'm thinking 35/37mm would be better.

@AndyLee - In a moment of madness i got rid of all my Zeiss lenses a couple of years ago. Well it was more to do with discovering Meyer, Tomioka & the cheap Russian stuff (especially these).
@Robtilbury - I have the Chinon 55mm, so have been really tempted by a 35mm.
@Brucker - Love Super Taks & they are the only ones that flare really easily with the 54, but f3.5 (perhaps i need to get over the f stop)
@Dahlfors - really helpful, no one likes talking about Nikkor lenses & the whole AI/AI-S thing is confusing.

Thanks everyone - lots of food for thought.
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just had a quick google and there is a super-multi-coated tak 35 f2,.. not sure how well that'd flare,... and there's a massive auto tak f2.3 which is older so should flare more if flare's what you're after?

over here they seem to fall within your budget, should be similar over where you are.

Bioskop, that's a great idea!
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Cheers brucker,

Not really interested in flare anymore & it was just a surprise as my 54 is MC'd to the eyeballs!

Taks really are the business, will check those out.

(edit) Just did - way too expensive over here (£200)!

Might be sticking with those Cheap Russian Zeiss Copies - £40.

Unless i can bring myself to sell some lenses.
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Yeah, some lenses are just more readily available in certain areas of the world.

The Tak 35mm f3.5 goes for under £100, so might give it a go.

If you like the look of the Mir-1b, and can spend a bit more, take a look at the Mir 24M - it looks amazing!
The Jupiter 9 is also stunning.
I've only ever spent over £100 on a Russian lens twice - Tair 11a & Helios 40-2.
Money well spent - especially in the case of the Helios, which is a tank of a lens, in more ways than one.
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what a coincidence, i was trying out my jupiter 9 on the shigascope this evening, man it looks nice!

its the only russian glass i own so i need to look into these a bit more. the mir 24m looks really really tasty,...they dont look too common round here though unfortunately. definitely trying out the mir-1v, nice and cheap here too.

what about the industars? they seem to have a similar look from what i've seen on flickr.

helios 40,.. want!
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The Helios 40 is gorgeous & well worth the money if you can find one in good condition - don't buy the silver one!
It behaves exactly like the Jupiter 9 - soft & dreamy wide open (which i love), but one stop down & it starts to kick into gear. Also, the swirly bokeh is more pronounced than the Helios 44-2 - so really really nice.

I might just wait a while & buy a Mir 24M - it just looks the business as far as sharpness, colour rendition & contrast!
Good comparison between Jupiter 9 & Mir 24M

The only Industar i've got is the 50-2 (a pancake type 50mm f3.5). Its really really sharp, close focusing & it seems to be brighter than any other f3.5. [b][u]WARNING:[/u][/b] The pre-set aperture ring is also where you attach filters, so no good for anamorphics - unless you don't mind the constant hassle of re-aligning.
I've heard & seen good things about certain other Industars, so might be worth a go if they're cheap.

I'm just off to a secondhand store to see what they've got - fingers crossed he has some gems hidden away!
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