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Interview with Yoshiyuki Inoue, Senior Engineering Planner for the Panasonic GH3

Andrew Reid

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Hello !

Emmanuel Pampuri who tested the GH3 said that a XLR grip could be a next feature (he asked for XLR accessory when invited by Panasonic to give his feeling on features for future GH3).

So the market need a mixed DSLR beetween Pana GH3, Nikon D600, Sony A99 and Canon 1D C 4K.... :)

How many years to wait for an affordable marvellous video pro DSLR ??? :angry:

Best regards
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Thanks for the interview Andrew, this must have taken ages to transcribe. Things I infer from this interview: How do you come to prioritise what’s most important, because you must have a hug

[quote name='Fergutor' timestamp='1348191415' post='18780'] Hello. For the ones that missed this: (All by [url="https://vimeo.com/user2551722"]Dieter Knüttel[/url]) [b] [size=3]GH3 - 1080 25p

[quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1348138917' post='18671'] Inoue: The AF100 is another division, we are focussed on the consumer DSC. We are completely seperate. [/quote] Sigh.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but this new sensor mean a additional crop on the GH3? The GH3 will be by far the best hybrid camera around and with a unbeatable price. When the GH2 came many GH1 owners don't justify the upgrade.

One of things i wish to have with the GH3 is a proper XLR audio input. The way that Sony implement the XLR audio input on the Alpha camera is very cleaver solution but expensive one, even they include a silent know (Canon first) for proper adjustment when recording, but fail miserable in video quality. They give uncompressed 8Bit 4:2:2 to get a better image using external recorders, but is look like the aliasing and moire will be stay there, so? almost became a great multimedia camera.

Many argue about proper sound in DSLT cameras but this cameras has become the new tool for documentary work because the many advantages they gave us.

I'm from Venezuela, a country with a increased security problems and inaccessibility to good film gear, every day we hear about dead and robbery as common issue on our society. So the need for a tool that can go imperceptible to work is really welcome, even TV spots are done with this type of camera, i have done like 4 spots with the GH1, 3 spots, 4 documentaries, 2 music clips with the Nex 5n, now i'm looking for the best DSLT camera to upgrade and the GH3 and the Alpha a99 are my first options and the 4:2:2 is a needed option for me, because I'm mainly a postproduction guy.

I'm extend this writing just to justify my point; if you don't need a option of your camera doesn't mean that other don't need it.

If you wanna know about what i'm talking about, look the Ross Kemp program about Venezuela:

Even so, i love my country ;)

Sorry if you think i go a little out of topic.
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