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Enabling 5:4 HDMI output on the Nikon D800


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Interestingly enough for all you anamorphic shooters, I just figured out that if you switch the D800 into stills mode, choose 5:4 crop in the menus and then enable Live View - it will show you 5:4 in Live view.

So, I set my camera to 1080 output on HDMI and hooked it up to my computer monitor with HDMI-in - and presto - the video output on the monitor was in 5:4 format!

Unfortunately I don't have access to any recorder like the Atomos Ninja so I can test the video quality of the 5:4 output - but this could be very interesting news for people shooting with 2x anamorphics on a D800, since (5/4) * 2 = 2.50:1 aspect ratio!

Guess I'll better start saving up some money for a ninja as well... :)
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Great timing for this post.
I've got a D800 that I've been using for video for a couple months now, only recording to SD cards, but this week my Ninja 2 and 2x Anamorphic lens arrived. I do need to get a clamp still, but I will post some footage ASAP so you can see what it's like. :D
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