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  1. GH5 and Iscorama pre36. The way I saw Japan in a 9 days travel. Thanks to webrunner 5 for his help. or https://vimeo.com/271896481
  2. Hi everybody, 2 Years i'm following Eoshd and only discover the forum now ... So i share with You a series of travelling movie i start to shoot with a blackmagic pocket CC with a pancake 20mm f1,7, This starts in Japan / Tokyo:
  3. On an impulse I've decided to go to Japan. Here's a glimpse of what I saw.
  4. Hey! Hope you guys can help me out here. Tommorrow I'm going to Japan and spend 15 days there and I want to start in anamorphic filming. Does anyone knows a store that sells Anamorphic lens there? I've searched at famous camera stores but no luck (mapcamera, yodobashi, bic camera). Thanks!
  5. 'Good To See You' An audio visual tribute to a track of the same name from Vangelis' 1990 album, 'The City'
  6. Jeremy Low

    Tokyo city

    The city of Tokyo, in all its brilliant colors and character.   https://vimeo.com/71145528  
  7. Hi all, i just came back from a trip in Japan and made this short clip about Tokyo, it was my first use of timelapse in a video and i tried to make the most of it when possible. [url="https://vimeo.com/51719933"]http://vimeo.com/51719933[/url] Hope you like it and thanks for watching !
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