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  1. Cheers for the update. I didn't realise that you could or needed to update storage drives. So this info is very useful.
  2. Actually I find it easy on the eye and reads better when browsing it on my phone, when compared to the old font. Everyone's a critic these days.
  3. I think you answered that when you spoke of marketing. If you're gonna advertise something as a vlogger camera, don't mess with the video features. A company that has yet to master decent AF probably has no business doing a vlogging camera in the first place. Surely the most needed of features for vloggers. And whilst 4K isn't a Full requirement for vlogging, crippling it makes little sense. IBIS, a very useful feature for vlogging, not here. Even though a camera like the GX85 has it. Yet it does have vlog, even though its effectiveness as a profile is diminished by the 8 bit codec. It's this inconsistent approach to features for video that naturally annoys video users here, especially given Panasonic's track record for video. Taken as a Photo camera on its own, I'm sure it is a worthy addition for some users, though not for others, even those looking for a camera in this price bracket. The lack of water resistance to the camera for example is a shame. It could have been more and still held the same price in my opinion.
  4. I see MFT joining 1" sensor cameras as being there for those who want basic video and photo features in a cheap body. Yet overlooked by Professionals. I wonder if Panasonic will dare release a GH6 in the 2k price bracket now, when fullframe cameras are becoming more affordable. What can a GH6 offer that will give it the same impact that the GH5 enjoyed in 2017. 8K, RAW output, ProRes recording. The camera market has moved on since 2017 and fullframe is moving quickly into the features that once made the GH5 a popular choice. Next year will be a good indication of where Panasnonis is heading. Either a successor to the GH5 or S1... but the G100 could be an indication of where Panasonic sees the MFT range from now on.
  5. Not sure what you mean by that. There was other stuff that I was told which was more serious, but it felt wrong to bring it up here. In the end, I gave the job to someone else.
  6. What next for this thread... We've gone from Olympus selling its camera division to the fate of MFT, to the worth of the GH5, to the use of personal details for internet forums. Its a real roller coaster this place. 😄
  7. Wow, over reaction or what... 😄 My point was on Facebook, you don't often see a resume. And if they don't post links either, not even their work. There are people on Facebook who do share their work. I don't doubt their credentials or experience. Its there to see. So yes, I do trust a guy on Facebook with a resume and links, if they're available. I've seen plenty of work I admire, and that I have learned from. I've been a part of several forums and some users I have respected and admired despite never meeting face to face. And on the subject of face to face. I'm reminded of an incident years ago, when interviewing a friend of a friend for the position as 2nd cameraman to some work I was doing. I befriended him on Facebook and arranged to meet him. It was a good interview, he spoke at length of his experience, which was very impressive. He seemed a little cocky in his talk, but I had no reason to doubt his word. However, as I was nervous, employing someone for the first time, I did contact a nearby company he worked for, whose work I was aware of. She told a very different story to this guy. Of how he walked out of a job after getting into an argument with a Wedding guest. Plus a few other things that worried me. So that was face to face, him being a friend of a friend and having him as a Facebook friend. Trust is a complicated process, especially with social media. Forums are wonderful tools for learning and sharing, but that doesn't mean I take at word every Tom, Dick or Harry saying this, that and everything.
  8. Even knowing a person's name and Facebook profile doesn't automatically mean you trust any knowledge shared. If their profile is private, aside from knowing their face and some basic details, it shares little of a person's experience. I could easily say on Facebook that I was once a cameraman for a Royal Wedding (not true 😄), and my name and Facebook profile wouldn't necessarily support or deny that statement. People still hide behind a Facebook profile and say whatever they want to say, simply because they are behind a keyboard and screen and not face to face.
  9. They don't make movie trailers like these anymore. 🤣🤣🤣 It depends how much detail they've included in their profile. Some have. Others haven't.
  10. I got my IR filter before my Pocket 4K had arrived. I got it because I had read about it and seen examples of it online. And clearly other Professionals are aware of it as well. I'm sorry, the fact your guys weren't aware of it counts against them. MFT has been around for a very long time. And if a GH6 were to arrive, it could well continue awhile longer. However, that is in the hands of Panasonic not the people who use MFTs. Same goes for S35. Same goes for the various lens mounts like EF. If companies stop supporting them because they've decided to do something new, users will have to choose whether to hold on to old tech or embrace the new. Sorry, your earlier posts on the GH5 sounded like you had used it and had issues with the footage. Maybe we should stop talking about the GH5.
  11. So why do you keep going on about it???
  12. People don't need to be informed of MFT; only you. I've been shooting MFT since 2012, GH2, GH3, Gh4, GX85, G85, GH5 and Pocket 4K. I don't need to be lectured on the strengths and weaknesses of either these cameras or MFT in general. Trust me, I know. They all have their weaknesses, but used correctly, their strengths too. Knowing these strengths, doesn't make me a fanboy; just an experienced user who knows how to get the best from my own gear. In both cases, with the Pocket 6K issues you recently spoke of, and the GH5, it sounds like you were employing people who didn't really appreciate the weaknesses of the camera before using them on a Professional shoot. However, many are aware. I was on Facebook today where stills from an upcoming web drama series was shared by the cameraman asked to use the Pocket 6K for the very first time; he had the good sense, after researching the camera first, to use IR Filters for the shoot. This was something your guys failed to do, leaving you with blacks looking a tad red. Its not hard then to see why you would also have potential issues when using the GH5, if you're not familiar with MFT. You can't start using a MFT camera and expect it to behave like a S35 or Fullframe. If you need that look, you should stick to using S35 or fullframe cameras. Anyone using MFT understands the compromises and is happy to work around them, rather than whine and complain about the limitations. In the same way, Sony fullframe users had to contend with overheating, Canon users dealing with limited video features or rolling shutter. Each camera brings its own problems that must be worked around. Of course its an issue, no one denies it. But as you say, there are ways around it. I use to use voigtlander lenses a lot before I went down the speedbooster route. However speedboosters are perhaps more about getting extra stops of lowlight. For me though, it was a chance to use the Sigma 18 to 35 mm lens everyone kept raving about, with the speedbooster helping to widen the 18mm that is designed for S35 rather than MFT. Before that I used a wide variety of primes from 12mm to 75mm, with low apertures. I only really went down the speedbooster when I got the Pocket December 2018, so its only a recent thing for me. Of course, if MFT was so great, we wouldn't be here debating its one day loss to the Photo and Video industry. As technology allows us to put the features once reserved for MFT into Fullframe, the need for MFT begins to die. You say the GH5 has lost is sparkle since its release in 2017, but it was only the latest in a long line of cameras. You should really instead look back to the day the GH2 was released to see what this line of MFT cameras have given to video users. In a few years time, maybe we shall all be shooting fullframe as the cost and features on them continue to make it practical for all of us. Unless Panasonic gives us a GH6 soon, I can see many Professional Video MFT users ditching this format, leaving it in the realm of newbies with cameras like the awful G100 .
  13. I have H265 footage from my Drone and its a pain to playback and grade in DaVinci Resolve. With BRAW, thumbnails load quickly, smoother playback even after grade, less likely to crash when working with the files. When you're working multiple large projects on a deadline, codec isn't so much about image quality as it is about an easy time in the editing suite.
  14. Of course it matters, and were this a Photography dedicated forum, you may well find more opinions agreeing with you. However, this camera is being looked at more from a video point of view, as per the forum Which as Panasonic are noted for their video specs, and have marketed this as a camera for vloggers is quite fair. It remains to see if the G100 succeeds as a Photographic camera. However as a video tool, its lack of features essential to vlogging makes it an automatic failure from those of us who shoot video and sort of know a 🍋 when we see one. I appreciate that you see positives in this camera, but as most of your arguments supporting it apply just about to any MFT camera, its hard to understand what your point actually is as to why you feel this camera will be a success. Aside that it fits your camera bag a bit better than your other cameras. Its a shame Panasonic didn't choose to market the camera this way rather than advertise mediocre video specs as useful to vloggers.
  15. The GH5s is a compliment to the GH5 which does have IBIS. It is designed for professional situations where IBIS can be a hindrance or is unneeded. I personally use my GH5s on a gimbal. I find it unlikely anyone professional will touch the G100 to bother to rig it in such a way. And its not a choice of evf or IBIS. Oddly enough, you can have both. Some may prefer IBIS. In which case, Panasonic have lost potential sales.
  16. Again the advantage you speak of is MFT and its lenses, not unique to this camera. Its great that you think its a good purchase and will add value to your gear. That doesn't take away from the fact that the G100 suffers from a lack of features that would make the camera more successful if implemented. Why add vlog, which is a professional profile, yet deny IBIS, more useful than vlog, given theb8 bit codec. Why even bother with 4K at all, if you have to cripple it so much because you don't have IBIS. Why give a new and improved mic system, if you've screwed up other aspects of video recording. There are a tonne of inconsistencies with this camera. Making it a mess of features.
  17. Wonderful; we just need another thousand or more of customers who have this exact and unusual set of circumstances and this camera will be a hit.. 😄
  18. Fair enough. I thought 1.5. I was really looking at unstabilised; even at 1.6, it might be ever so slightly wider. When stabilised, the G100 has the edge. But only just. At the end of the day though, doesn’t matter too much, I doubt anyone would buy these cameras for 4K. Almost makes you wonder why add it in the first place.
  19. If you look at the review for the EOS M50, it is critical of the crop of the 4K. And being a larger sensor, although the crop is bigger, the field of view will probably be slightly wider than the G100. Either way, its not a defence of the G100 to bring up specs of another camera thats been critiqued also for its heavy 4K crop. 😄 And the Fuji doesn't have a horrible 4K crop without stabilsation, going by the figures you posted.
  20. I don't think Olympus has been taking its camera division seriously for a long time. No doubt those working in it gave their best, but policy decisions come from above. I can't blame them I suppose. It's a diminishing market that is getting harder and harder to stand out in. Do I lament their loss; not really, as I only grabbed lenses from them in the last decade and even that was years ago. They say competition is good, but Olympus hasn't really been competing. Aside from a loss of another brand, the camera industry carries on. It'll be interesting to see where the camera industry at this price level will be in 2 or 3 years time. 5 years ago, it felt defined by Sony giving us regular fullframe 4K cameras, Canon giving us crippled cameras and Panasonic rolling out a GH every 3 years. Now I've no idea what the future holds. Will there be a GH6, Sony A7s3? What will BM do next?
  21. You're a funny guy. If there are contradictions in my post, its because I'm not taking this discussion as seriously as you. I'm lying in bed at 6.30am in the morning, passing time cos I can't sleep. 😄 I'm a happy user of the GH5, but would I recommend it now. No. There are better options now and like you, I feel MFT will be less supported as time goes on. Plus the features originally seen in MFT, like 10 bit recording are being passed now to fullframe hybrids, where arguably they are getting a better image as a result. Full vlog as opposed to vlog l for example. I've also never doubted that a C300 image holds up better than a GH5. If I could afford one, I'd happily own one. If I was looking for hybrid camera now to compliment my Pocket 4K and one day 6K, I'd go with Fuji. Though I'm looking to see what the R5 and R6 brings to the table. But I have to measure any money spent with the limited number of jobs where I'm shooting both photos and video, to justify any large expense. Back to Panasonic, I feel they crippled the GH5 more with a lack of decent AF rather than image quality in my opinion. As for 60p, its a bonus. If your client asks for slowmo shot in 4K and you own the Canon C300 Mark ii, what do you do? Argue that Canon is one of the 4 major brands in the filming industry. And has a much better image than a cheapy camera that can do 4K 60p. 😄 I'm teasing of course. You've spoken before of people you've hired using the 6K Pocket and you've not been happy with the results. You've now spoken of people you've hired using the GH5 and not been happy with the results. You've spoken also of your preference of the Canon image over the Pocket 6K and now over the GH5. That tells me one thing, you should maybe think of hiring people who actually use Canon cinema cameras. Its a novel approach for sure, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, you might just be happier with the results.
  22. I think you're over analysing this whole thing. You see issues that are not there. How far do you take this. Would you compare a 1" sensor to fullframe. Does a a fixed lens camera compare to an alexa. Does a £500 camcorder compare to a Red. I'm not defending the GH5. I just don't see the problem. You seem bothered that the GH5 can't produce results on the level of a C300. I don't. I am not asking it to. Maybe because I never use the high end cameras. I take it on its own terms. And yes, its not perfect, MFT has limitations compared to S35 and fullframe. It has advantages too. I use 60p not to deliver, but for slowmo in my shots. The fact that the C300 mark ii not having it, is not really an argument in defence of the GH5, more a casual observation. Pros and cons of different cameras. As for Photography, its not about that. Its about the fact the GH5 is designed to be a different tool than a C300. Its designed to do both stills and video. Again, its not an argument. Merely an observation. Like saying a spoon is not a fork, even though you use them both to eat with. As for the P6K, you're right, its not a hybrid. So what. I'm not sure I see why you're so worked up about it all. Accusations of fanboy do you no credit. At the end of the day, we work with what we can afford and what we like to use. If the GH5 doesn't work for you, don't use it. But for other users, it can be our bread and butter.
  23. Again, its a S35 sensor vs a MFT one. You're not gonna match the look without a speedbooster and even then it might not match perfectly. Why do you think I want to move away from MFT. But, MFT has its advantages too and if you work with them rather than try to make MFT match S35 or fullframe it delivers. Oh yes, I see the C300 Mark ii has dropped in price, but it was no doubt 10k when first released. Still it doesn't offer 60p 4K, which the GH5 offers. AndI doubt you'd use the C300 for photos. Different beast for different needs. GH5 is a hybrid for hybrid shooters. C300 is for video pros.
  24. Simple answer no. Why, because its a GH5 and not a C300. If people buy a GH5 and hope to shoot as a good an image as a C300, they will be disappointed. I wouldn't expect to pick up a Pocket 6K and expect to shoot as good as an image as a C300. If I want a C300 image, I'd buy a C300. You go cheap, you compromise. That's not to belittle the GH5. For its price point, size and features, its a great camera. I prefer the image from my Pocket 4K, but on the other side, the GH5, with evf, IBIS, flip screen and superior battery life has advantages over the Pocket 4K. There's no perfect camera that fits all I needs. If my work demanded it and I was a lot richer, I'd be shooting with something like a C300. I choose GH5, Pocket 4Ks for cost and size. Not because they are the best cameras ever. And if you can work around the negatives and each of them has more than a few, you can get good results. But of course, they're no C300 for sure.
  25. An opinion from another dedicated MFT user. Most of the backlash is well deserved. In 2016 Panasonic gave us the GX85 and then the G95; both cameras were more innovative and deserving of purchase over this camera, even today. Most of your arguments on how useful the G100 can be refers to MFT in general and not the G100 specifically. Yes, it takes the smaller MFT lenses, just as any other MFT camera. But even with IS lens, IBIS is still needed once you go above 50mm in say the 35mm to 100mm. This applies as much to photo as video. Entry level vloggers shouldn't be denied IBIS, which I'm sure they would find very useful, more so, being entry level. And not having it, when a 4 year old GX85 had it, is so stupid, its laughable. 4K so badly cropped, makes one wonder why add it at all, except to tick a marketing box. Again, who are Panasonic to decide how entry level vloggers choose to film. The 10 min clip limit, when their 4 year old GX85 was able to do 29 mins, is another so stupid, its laughable decision. The G100 doesn't need to be as professional as the GH5. It certainly doesn't need vlog, esepcialy with that 8 bit limited codec. Again, I must ask, why did I as a GH5 buyer have to pay an extra £100 to get the more professional vlog, when this cheap unprofessional camera gets it included as standard. Frankly this camera is all over the place, as is Panasonic to be honest. I use to love them for their consistent approach to their MFT cameras. Again, back to the GX85, it introduced me to IBIS. For me, it was groundbreaking in a way. 4 years later, the G100 is noted more for what it doesn't include. Not a good step forward and for those who feel MFT is on limited life, ammunition to support it.
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