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  1. So now its Blackmagics turn to add some camera news, along with Sony and Canon. Its just like buses, these camera related announcements. Wait ages and then 3 turn up at once.
  2. Its been suggested this is a good travel camera due to features and its small size. I must admit I've never packed a large fan when off travelling. Its funny how some say they are glad Canon didn't add an internal fan, as it keeps the camera smaller; only for Canon to suggest using an external one. πŸ™„
  3. To be honest, slowmo always gives a more cinematic feel, which is why it gets overused, and a cameras motion cadence isn't best judged on slowmo footage anyway, especially if shot at 120fps. I'd be intrigued to see 24p footage to see how well the camera performs there. Colours and skins tones are a given for a Canon camera at this price point. I'd be surprised if they were less than fantastic.
  4. So in hot weather, if you film 10 second clips and switch off the camera between shots, it doesnt overheat. Problem solved. πŸ˜‰
  5. Problem with that is that there is a cool down period and a reduction in the next recording. So 12 mins wouldn't necessary be consistent. People are treating this as a clip limit, its not. Its more random. The figures quoted assume a certain temperature and with the camera switched on from cold. If the temperature is higher, if you've been storing it in a warm place, or using it before; these could all reduce the figures down. Some people saying you can record 20 mins of 8K RAW just because this is the figure Canon gave as an example, isn't really accurate. It could be much longer on a cold day and a lot shorter on a hot day.
  6. I have no interest in 8K, RAW or otherwise. Canon in my opinion should have followed Panasonic and stuck to 6K and allowed for longer recordings of its 4K. I know there are a few people who need 8K, but very few. Anyone else, I must wonder what your reason for shooting 8K. Do you own an 8K TV. Are you planning to buy one? Will your PC handle 8K editing? At least in 2014, when I got the GH4, I was buying a 55" 4K TV for Β£700 by Christmas. What I needed was fullframe 4K upto 60p, that didn't overheat. Basically an S1H, but with great AF. Canon decided otherwise. So I am disappointed. Others, who don't mind the restrictions will feel differently of course.
  7. I'm still holding out some hope for the R6. I'm hoping on the fact that its a crop from DCI to UHD suggests an update to add it one day. Plus a better codec for the 4K. I think I heard that its on a planned firmware update. A few improvements here and there could swing this camera to me. Yet 20 megapixels does seem low, I'd have preferred 24. Time will tell if the overheating is as big a problem as some of us fear. Rolling shutter looks poor and I've seen nasty wobble with IBIS, though those were extreme wide angle, which is normal. I'm not in need of it till next year, by which time, all this will have blown over and we shall be drooling over the S1H Mark II specs. No camera enjoys the spotlight for long in this fast changing industry.
  8. I know your point, get it, no. I never said the GH5 was so good. Like all cameras, it has its good points and its bad. In my opinion, Colour isn't as good as say Canon and Blackmagic. AF is lousy. Few other little things. You're definately being too harsh on it though... almost like an agenda. The GH5 was a significant camera when it came out. Theres no shame it has been succeeded my more recent cameras. That is how technology progresses. I still see great stuff shot by decent video guys who use it. Their work speaks for themselves and the quality of the camera. I'll put my faith there than some random, anonymous guy on a forum.
  9. I think you and I differ on the meaning of flawless. Mine is, without a single flaw. R5 has overheating.... flaw. Rolling shutter apparently... flaw. My own cameras also have flaws. Pocket 4K. No AF.. flaw. No tilt screen... flaw. No weather sealing... flaw. Can I use it, yes. Is it one of my favourite cameras to work with, yes. Is it flawless... certainly not. Cameras are tools, not the Holy Grail. I've never owned a flawless camera and I doubt I'll ever will.
  10. The R5 is definitely not flawless. I think some have been suckered in by headline grabbing specs such as 8K and 120fps 4K. Imagine what would have happened if after Panasonic announced the GH5 with 60p 4K and 10 bit, they suddenly said at launch, oh by the way, you can only record for 30 mins with it. Complete letdown and would never have been as well sold and used as it was. I don't mind Canon chasing 8K. If they just released another camera that did 4K without the crop and the time limit.
  11. I left Canon back in 2012. No regrets. No problem coming back to them. Just need a hybrid camera with great colour, AF and IBIS that doesn't cripple framerates upto 60p DCI 4k with either a crop or a time limit. That's all. Not much to ask, but apparently everything to ask.
  12. Thats the funniest and probably silliest statement I've ever read on this forum. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ So glad you've discovered your sense of humour. πŸ˜‰
  13. Doesn't look too great for 60p to be honest. However, they're quite extreme pans. At some point, we'll get proper measurements. Comparisons to say the S1 would be useful when they arrive.
  14. The 20 minute clip limit shouldn't be a problem either.. πŸ˜‰
  15. There is a crop, a small one for 4K. More due to cropping from DCI to UHD, which resolution is limited to. Rolling shutter isn’t known, but maybe comparable to the 1DX Mark III. That was poor for 4K 30p I recall seeing, but better for 60p, though that lacked AF, so hard to say where the R6 stands. Overheating is likely an issue, how bad, we don't know. Maybe, this is the only real issue with the R6 compared to the X-T4. Best wait till its released, and those who have it can advise exactly where it stands. Its mostly just specultation at the moment.
  16. Canon should introduce local weather reports with a column dedicated to expected R5 runtime before overheating. πŸ˜„
  17. Okay, but defending the R5 saying that it's primarily a photographers tool and that its video specs shouldn't be criticised because of it, goes against that most here are more interested in its video specs and that even Canon marketing places 8K at the top of the R5 specs list. If Canon wants to boast the R5 video, we should at least debate the cons. Its no different to discussing the cons of say the Pocket Cameras from Blackmagic or the S1H for its poor AF. Or the many discussions on Sonys bad colour science and their own overheating issues in the past. Canon shouldn't get a free pass because its offered 120fps 4K and 8K RAW. RAW is a lot easier to edit and I prefer it to H264 and H265 that are awful to edit. Not impossible, but certainly not pleasurable. Its a shame the R6 didn't offer say 4K RAW or 5.5K RAW. It would be more useful than 8K RAW to many. But then it could impact the R5 sales. And 1DX III too for that matter. πŸ˜‰
  18. Downside, there are some travel restrictions at the moment. On the plus, flight costs are low for the moment, making it even more of a bargain to go. For Β£1000 difference, I wouldn't hesitate, if I was after the R5. Be like getting a free holiday with your camera. Seems so silly the UK has such a high price, compared to some other Countries. Its just encouraging grey imports.
  19. This is a topic on overheating in 4K and 8K video, which I am discussing. As for photos, I do have some clients asking for it. Its rare, but it does happen. I use my GH5 for such jobs and would welcome an upgrade to something better. The R5 and R6 were on my radar for that reason. R6 maybe if it gets a firmware upgrade. I'm certainly not asking you to move out 🀣🀣, just that if you feel the R5 is valued more for its primary Photographic functions, you'd get more support and less bashing of the video issues in Photography forums.
  20. If you're talking without AF, the S1, the S1H. Though it does have some AF, just not as good. With AF, Sony cameras can do fullframe 4K. AF isn't as good as Canon, but still usable to many. And most can record for considerably longer than the R5. Moving to resolutions above 4K. Pocket 6K can do 6K RAW, up to 50fps. Not 8K, but still 50fps, and continuous recording and RAW. And half the cost. Plenty of room to crop for any type of recording without the worry of shut down. S1H gives the same, though without 50p. I'd rather pair the Pocket 6K with the R6 and run both than invest in the R5. Then you get the best of both. I get the R5 is more dedicated to Photography. I'm judging on its video functions perhaps unfairly, but then this is a forum more for video. And I rarely shoot photos. If you feel that the R5 isn't worth a proper discussion on the limitations of its video functions, I suggest you move on to the many Photography dedicated forums that are out there.
  21. How many hybrid mirrorless cameras out there offer superb AF, uncropped continuous recording 4K, with codecs that include 4K RAW (arguably more useful than 8K RAW to many users). Answer none, but hey, you can record 8K RAW. For a short bit. What's the use of innovation if you don't need it, or worse can't use it because of the overheating. How many will be using 8K RAW and what for? I'm not denying the wonders of the R5, it has pushed what is possible in a small mirrorless camera. Congratulations and well done Canon. 120fps 4K. Excellent. Limited by its codec and the overheating, but still there. Its a great step, and one I am sure will push others to do better. Its good for the video industry. I worry that other manufacturers will play the resolution war though. Chasing 8K over functions that really matter to video users, but as long as the nerds are happy cos they have an 8K camera, even if they never use 8K; after all, it makes for great bragging. Bit like S1H users saying their camera is Netflix approved, even though they have never shot or will likely to, film something for Netflix.
  22. On release the C200 was a disappointment to me, a choice of either 8 bit or RAW. No 10 bit codec in between, which the majority buying it would have used on a day to day basis. The C300 is where Canons cinema cameras get really useful, but with a bigger jump in price. Not really comparable to say an S1H or even the A7sIII when it comes out. Canon have only themselves to blame for this negative feedback. They announced this camera months ago and allowed the hype to build up. Sure, we all wondered about how they could pull of 8K, but given how reliable Canon cameras were in the past, there was always going to be some hope this would deliver with maybe only rolling shutter the single limitation. After all, the S1H pulls of 6K for the most part. Yes, the complaints are an overreaction to the recent R5 and R6 news, but this was inevitable. Canon always seems to provoke strong feelings and expectations in any of their products. Maybe stemming back from the 5D Mark II, maybe because their Cinema cameras are so well regarded. Eventually it will all die down and those who want the camera will have one. Some of those who say they won't buy it, will buy one anyway, and many others will happily stick to what they're shooting now, content that the R5 isn't the definitive mirrorless hybrid that knocks all other competition aside that some speculation had it to be. I never shot 60p for hours, but certainly lomg enough in hot conditions where the R5 could be at risk to shut down. Its not as if when I do, I am starting from cold. If the camera has been used for 3 hours on a consistent basis, if its been outdoors in the sun, or in car, even if I'm starting and stopping my recording, heat is building up. My Pocket 4K can get pretty hot, even if I'm not using it, just by being out in the sun. Will these things impact recordings, time will tell. Until then, its just so much speculation until people get to use these cameras and report back.
  23. My phone can take a photo and a video at the same location. So can nearly the majority of DLSRs and mirrorless cameras out there. That function isn't new. We've had it for years. 🀣 I'm curious, what exactly are the creative possibilities that shooting 8K will unlock for you? Will it make you a better storyteller, a better editor, will it turn you into Vincent Foret? So far that I can see, you have excessive rolling shutter and a camera that could shut down at any given moment. Doesn't sound creative inspiring to me. Do you own an 8K TV? That would be a clincher. When 4K came out on 2014, I was shooting and watching 4K content by Christmas. What's the appeal in shooting 8K if you can't watch it back in 8K? I've been shooting exclusively 4K since 2014, yet the vast majority of my clients and family have only ever seen my work in HD. The idea of shooting 8K, only to have them watch badly compressed HD on YouTube from my masters would be soul destroying. Don't get me wrong, like any film nerd, the idea of shooting 8K and watching it back on an 8K screen has a certain appeal. But I feel the only change for now will be that instead of us watching other peoples boring travel, family and cat videos in HD that was shot in 4K, I'll be watching boring travel, family and cat videos in HD shot in 8K.
  24. Or many other mirrorless hybrid cameras that aren't the R5 and R6. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  25. Not me... I rarely shoot stills. A small form camera for video use is my choice. Not to say, an extra camera that does shoot stills wouldn't be handy for the odd times I am asked and forced to do Photography, and a replacement for the GH5 as my run n gun video tool as well. I'm stuck whether the R6 would achieve that. It'll need an firmware update to make that something I would invest in. I'm in no rush. Of course, if the overhearing is found to be a genuine issue even with the R6, forget it. I've avoided Sony for that reason after someone I employed cost me a Ceremony recording with one, and I won't invest if Canon have decided to be the new Sony.
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