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  1. A lot of people use a smaller mirrorless as a B camera when filming say an interview, working as a 2nd camera angle. I did a job recently where a GH5s was a B camera on a gimbal and were I using the R5 in 4k HQ mode, I'd have likely encountered overheating as the camera was on for over 30 mins shooting. Seriously your post comes over as so naive. Do you shoot much video, or is it just something you talk about on forums?
  2. I've posted a few things to DpReview... but you may as well talk to the wall. Despite posters caring mainly about Photography, they don't half get mad and reply a lot if you criticise the video aspect. Why do they care? Weird.. A few seem to be looking forward trying 8K despite the overheating problems.. they seem to feel because it is RAW, it'll be a doddle to work with on their computer...
  3. Odd that it doesn't apply to all cameras and equipment. Just checking the Pocket 6K price in the UK and America and once you apply pound to dollar, the difference is about $500. I'm not convinced its the red tape and the other items you mentioned thats putting up the price. Just as I don't feel that voting for better politicians is the answer. In the UK, there is no such thing as a better Politician and even a change of Government wouldn't lead to big changes to the way Businesses work. A much better way is to vote with my money and not buy the goods at such inflated prices. It seems only this new Sony and Canon have suffered from this. Perhaps being new and maybe because Covid has led to price increases out of proportion. It could be prices will reduce considerably by next year. Hard luck for the early adopters
  4. It would be cheaper to fly over there and pick up the camera. It just encourages grey imports.
  5. Exactly and if Canon do give that, I am sure many of us could work around it. I've avoided Sony for its own overheating issues, but I know many in my line of work do use it successfully. If the R5 and R6 is on the same level for heat management, I'm sure people will adapt and make use of the camera. But if its worse than Sony. If the recovery times are considerably larger and the overheating persistent even in all temperature, indoors and outdoors and not just in the hot sun outside, then Canon has a problem. And many will avoid it.
  6. And there are many more like myseld that would have purchased the R5 and R6 and been happy with it, but won't because of the overheating issue. I prefer Canon over Sony, but from what I've seen, the Sony is the more reliable. I'm not talking so much about shutting down from heat, but how long it takes to recover after it does. Its this aspect that concerns people and the fact that just switching it on and taking photos can limit recording. When evidence exists to suggest the A7sIII has the same problem, then I will expect the same reaction. Sony users are use to overheating in their cameras. For Canon this is new territory.
  7. Great, more rubbish polluting the Internet. So that's another reason to dislike the R5.
  8. S1H is weather sealed and it has high quality capture.
  9. That's the problem.. I haven't found it. Fullframe DCI 4K HQ, no time limits. Strong editable codec. Upto 60p frame rate. Great AF, IBIS and colour. Can shoot quality photos no less than 20MP. If you have better luck finding one than me, let me know.
  10. I think a resolution that has slightly less pixels than a camera I purchaed over 10 years ago is a step back for photo use. When a Pocket 6K video camera gives high res stills than a hybrid Professional camera costing twice more, also seems like going backwards than forward. Ultimately what is a decent resolution depends on your needs. If I replace my GH5 with a fullframe mirrorless hybrid, I want it to take my work into 2021, not 2009.
  11. You can use that argument to justify any camera weakness.. why worry about the R5 overheating, when most video shooters will have a proper cinema camera to hand to shoot longer content. I've read that argument a lot lately. Or real Video creators don't use AF to justify poor or lack of any AF... Your argument is just the same thing in a different package. If I want a hybrid camera that can shoot great video and photos at a decent resolution applicable to 2020 and not 2008, and don't want 2 bodies, the A7sIII won't cut it. Its as big an obstacle to me as a lack of AF is for you. Of course there are workarounds. There are workarounds for the Pocket 4K deficiencies that I use, workarounds for the S1H and even the R5. That's not the point, which is that no camera is perfect, but depending on our needs, it can be god enough for our use.
  12. The S1H is hardly a completely different camera and experience to the A7sIII and R5. Its still another hybrid, with admittedly poorer AF than the competition; but still comparable. We all have different needs and requirements. Mine is long form recording, making the R5 less desirable to me as the S1H is less for you due to your own needs. If you're a hybrid shooter that needs higher pixel count for photos than 12MP, you won't be looking at the A7sIII. Comparing these cameras is only natural as features on one will be desired in the other. I agree the Netflix talk was totally irrelevant to this particular discussion.
  13. Brand preference plays a part. However I feel expectations are raised not to excessive levels, but merely the hope that a hybrid camera could be released that wasn't flawed in a significant way. The S1H is a superb camera, undermined by poor AF, a complaint you couldn't make against the R5 and R6, which is undermined by overheating, something the S1H doesn't suffer from. The A7sIII overheats also, and its photo function is limited to 12MP, which is a put off to some. Plus its IBIS is inferior to Canon and probably Panasonic, and its colour science isn't to everyone's liking. Somewhere between all these cameras is an excellent tool for all of us. It is frustrating to see cameras so close to getting it right, yet due to the decisions made in the design, to miss the mark ever so slightly. Can these cameras all be used. Of course they can. There are already videos shot by the R5 despite the overheating. However any cameras shortcomings will be a deterant to some, who had hoped to add that camera to their equipment. Dissapointment drives some complaints here and sounding off on forums like these doesn't mean we are not going out and filming, or learning new things. Gear discussion is always going to be a part of our craft. They maybe just tools, but the specs of those tools will either aid or hinder our work. My Pocket 4K would be much more useful with a great AF, a screen I could see outside and better battery life. How is that not important to my shooting. Discussions about these limits not only inform new buyers but also can lead to workarounds. Even if there is ultimately a lot of nonsense posts in between.
  14. In cases like this, there is always the conspiracy theory and then there is the cock up theory..... And 9 times out of 10, its mostly the cock up.
  15. The only reason the S1H doesn't get the attention it deserves is because of the AF... a lot of people have appreciated the vlog footage from the camera, and the colour certainly exceeds the GH5. The only problem you could have with it, is that its not Canon. Then again, I've seen your posts about some Canon video you've gushed over; clicked on it expecting to see pure gold, only to see silver at best. Frankly from your many posts about quality cinema like footage your high end work requires, I can't see why you don't invest in a say a C300. The only reason to pick a hybrid camera in this price range for Professional work is for one of these reasons: If you're either shooting both photo and video, looking for a smaller B camera for a dedicated cinema camera, need a crash cam or drone camera, or if your work isn't in the sort of league big enough to allow you to afford something decent.
  16. Overheating with Sony is not new, much of their tech has been plagued by it, especially on release. We need more tests to confirm the extent of the issue. What we need confirmed is the recovery times, and any further limits afterwards and if the over heating can be caused by taking photos or simply having the camera left on. That was the key thing with Canon.
  17. That last comment sounds like sour grapes. What a shame Netflix didn't seek your opinion before approving the S1H. 😂😂 You seem to have a personal gripe over Panasonic; you're clearly not a fan, but many are. I feel you are though biased to Canon, which is fine, but not everyone shares it. It would seem your main issue with the S1H is with the codec. Canon do give higher bitrates in their R5. Though the S1H does have an ALL-I codec, which may offer a better image over what you've seen.
  18. I think you think you're talking to a Sony user... you're not. I am not going to buy the A7sIII. I never made that quote about H265 either. I prefer the Canon image BTW.
  19. Build a new model, an R5s for example. Panasonic did something similar as their S1H differed from the S1 body, and put video centre. Canon need a body that puts video first. With the R5, the video specs features heavily in their marketing, but the R5 doesn't match what they say on their website- "The EOS R5 uncompromising performance will revolutionise your photography and filmmaking." No it doesn't....
  20. It would be great if Sony, Canon, Nikon and Panasonic made a deal with Blackmagic to use BRAW. Not only would it send a message to Red and make them think about their exclusive rights to their RAW, but would offer anyone buying those cameras a brilliant and flexible codec to work with. I was creating a drone footage video recently and the H264 and H265 were so slow to get through. I use to work with this codec all the time, but it feels frustrating now after working with BRAW; it puts me off any other brand who are sticking to it. It stills easier to work with H264 and 5 in Resolve though. Premiere it was a nightmare. 100 clips and I would leave it for 15 mins as it rendered the thumbnails. Thank God those days are over.
  21. I'm not into favourites here... Sony always have had overheating issues, that's why I don't use them. Canon have always been reliable, so this step into overheating is pretty new and probably surprised some. And Canon still suffers from its own Youtube hype machine, with some downplaying, or dismissing the problem. Especially in that first week, even though Canon was as you say upfront about it. As to which is better, we need to wait until final production units are out and being used by people other than biased vloggers.
  22. The recall of the R5 and R6 is only a rumour and it seems units are being shipped out, so wait and see there. Canon overheating issues aren't just down to Gerald... it comes from many sources, including Canon themselves. We are still in early days of Sonys overheating reports. There were plenty of denials in the first week after Canon officially launched the R5 and R6 to us all. I'm not surprised Sony is having the same reaction. Give it time and more tests. Besides how can you ask for a recall for a camera not out till September... 🤣🤣🤣 The R5 on the otherhand is supposedly out now.....
  23. The problem with identifying overheating with cameras is that it doesn't always overheat and if it doesn't, its not seen as a problem. There were some vloggers and reporters who downplayed the problem with the R5 at first or even dismissed it and even now some say it is overhyped. Maybe it is. The Fuji XT-4 is also known to overheat, and yet this doesn't get the same reaction as Canon. On the GH5 Facebook forum, one user reported recently their GH5 overheated on one job. Which I've never had. Again, a one off issue, a faulty unit, or maybe my GH5 would have reacted in the same way in the right conditions. Who can say.. Everyone goes on about that one Florida video for the Sony. So its hard to see if this is a common issue or an intermittent one brought on by certain circumstances. Canon has had a few weeks since the official announcement for this story to have built up. Maybe in 2 weeks, everyone will be attacking Sony for overheating and the problem will be taken more seriously.
  24. I think its about 10 to 17 degrees Celsius in Auatralia, depending where he is based; so being less than the 23 Celsius guides Canon gave, I would expect more than 20 minutes shooting. He probably shot about 20 mins of footage based on his 512gb of data for the total shoot. Assuming his camera was off between shots for a lengthy period as he was shooting all day, I can see how easily he would avoid overheating.
  25. Hardly a free pass (plenty of comments on it) and it took a lot more evidence than we have had so far on Sony for some to acknowledge the problem with thebR5 and R6. Even Andrews article didn't convince some. Only with Canon announcing it themselves and more recent reports of overheating have the fanboys finally seen reason. Besides, Sony overheating in their cameras is hardly news, compared to Canon, which have always been praised for their reliability. And the A7sIII hasn't been hyped up for months with talk of 8K and 120fps 4K.. Canon have much to blame for this reaction. Even now there's confusion over the release of this camera. Their marketing feels like a fiasco.
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