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  1. I don't imagine anyone who hasn't used the R5 consistently for at least several weeks can claim to understand the R5 and its pros and cons fully. All we have now are specs, a selection of basic YouTube reviews and some extra details on how overheating is managed. No doubt its release will clarify any issues in more detail than is available to us now. Ideally we should wait till then before casting this camera into video hell. If overheating is a genuine issue, then its not a case so much as the camera is meant for short bursts, rather that it is limited to them. 🤣🤣 In which case, it'll be a big fat negative, no matter what spin is put on it.
  2. The argument that you should use a dedicated cinema camera is an old one for Canon users. In the past, this was used to argue why Canon cameras didn't have strong video specs. Now its being used to argue why very strong video specs are leading to potential reliability issues when filming. The argument is crap, as other camera makers are learning to walk the fine line between specs and reliability. Canon has already nailed AF, arguably a very important video spec that is lacking in say Panasonic cameras. Yet muddle the other specs, often it seems to distance their smaller hybrid cameras from their own cinema cameras. There is a need for a reliable, fullframe hybrid camera, with great AF, great specs that can do both photo and video to a professional standard. Trouble is no one wants to make such a camera for us. And we are so close. If Panasonic had given us great AF, or if Canon stopped chasing 8K and focused on delivering just great 4K that didn't overheat the camera, we'd be virtually there.
  3. The funny side of all this is to take a peak at the DpReview forum of Canon users supporting the R5. The same users who not so long ago were saying we don't need 4K when Canon were giving us badly cropped 4K are now saying how great 8K is. The same users who attacked Sony for chasing specs and delivering unreliable cameras that shut down due to overheating are trying to justify the overheating of the R5 and saying it doesnt matter. Hypocrisy, thigh name are Canon users. 🤣🤣🤣
  4. I agree and don't get me wrong, I am very happy the R5 has been released. The camera industry is richer because of it. Anyone who can think outside the box and release a camera that tries to push what is possible is a good thing. Take the Pocket 4K, first to bring 4K RAW to the masses. Okay, no flip screen, poor battery life, no IBIS or AF, no weather sealant, but it still did it. And many like me struggle through the issues to make it work for us. The fact the R5 isn't for me, is neither here nor there. I'm not freaked out about the limitations, but am happy to discuss and ponder on them. It shows where technology currently sits. Forums tend to exaggerate feelings. If we were chatting face to face, you'd get a better reflection as to where I feel on this matter. My only concern is hiring 2nd shooters who buy the hype and get the camera and think innovation will see them through a 90 minute Ceremony. I've had one guy I hired go wrong thanks to using a Sony camera. One long 25 minute clip, followed by dozens of 20 seconds to 1 minute clips that I had to work with to form the end of the Ceremony. Not good, and down to overheating. I'm afraid for my work, it's not a small issue. Its not like bad AF. This is consistent and you know where you stand with it. Problem with over heating is that you don't know. It could run before shutdown for an hour or just 15 mins. For my work, that uncertainty would cripple me.
  5. It wasn't made for anyone in particular. In fact, it was made more for Photographers than Videographers. The fact that some video users benefit from it is of course a plus. The fact that many can't is a negative. Its better to say that the camera isnt usuable for some video shooters rather than made for. Clip limits are a big negative for me. Not for you clearly. But the fact that your shooting needs can be met by the R5 doesn't mean those of us that are not, can't at least discuss it. Don't get me wrong, I would welcome a fullframe camera from Canon with their great AF that would fit my needs. I am still waiting......
  6. Fair enough, you clearly want 8K and you have it, massive file sizes and all. I hope to one day look forward to watching your 8K videos on my 5" phone screen. 😄
  7. I don't come here to get utter praise on the wonders of a camera. Take the Pocket 6K I plan to buy, its specs tell me what it can do, and the advantages you get from them are there to see from the many happy users. However its reading criticisms from people like Andrew that also make me aware of any potential pitfalls of this camera. When I buy one, and despite knowing the limitations, I shall still so, it will be an informed purchase. No one can say I wasn't warned of the issues. If you wish to see unreserved praise for the great God that is R5, simply start a thread on the positives of the R5. However this thread concerns the over heating issues of the R5 as coming from Andrews blog post. Focussing on it here is therefore what this thread is about. I'm sorry if this hurts the R5 feelings. 😉
  8. I think you'll find others here shoot as a fulltime job too. 😉 Canon hasn't given people want they want. I don't recall people asking for 8K RAW. In fact, 4K RAW is arguably needed far more than 8K RAW. I don't recall peole asking for clip limits, overheating issues. In fact, Canon users have always spoken against Sony cameras for overheating, praising Canon for not chasing gimmicks whilst taking their time and releasing a reliable camera to use. Very few asked to lose that for the sake of 8K. I'm not denying this is an innovative camera that is pushing what technology can do. I've no doubt it will be a great tool for photographers who are also shooting the odd video and videographers who are primarily shooting short clips. Most cameras has issues of some sort or another. I use the Pocket 4K a lot. No flip screen, no IBIS, no AF to speak of and no weather sealant. Its not a perfect camera. Neither is the R5.
  9. Probably they did. Thats why they waited this long to release such info.
  10. I tend to shoot with 3 cameras, one of each person talking and a wide on both, for 2 person interviews For logistics reasons, I'd prefer all 3 are continously recording. I don't want one to stop partway and be pandered to. Besides if the R5 shut down and needed 10 mins rest, then I stand to lose 10 mins of footage. Its not like the old 30 min clip limit, though those were annoying as well. It would depend on how quickly or frequently the problem manifested itself. Something we don't yet really know.
  11. I know these new batteries fit the old chargers, but is there any confirmation they will fit the Pocket 4K and 6K. There's no mention made these batteries serve other Canon cameras other than the R5 and R6.
  12. I currently run 5 cameras at Weddings. If I got an R6, it would be for run n gun work only, not longer recordings. So limited recording wouldn't be an issue. I don't like the lack of DCI as I shoot this, or H265, but I can live with it. I prefer 10bit log profile to 8 bit. Nothings changed with these Canon announcements alas, no perfect hybrid camera yet to beat them all. Just a selection of cameras with different ranges of issues that are nothing to some, but everything to others. The overheat topic is full of people either arguing that overheating is a minor issue to be easily overcome, and those who feel its a serious deterent to an otherwise great camera. Real World use will clarify this. In the meantime, it merits discussion jut as much as the good stuff about these cameras.
  13. True. I'm basing it on a few clips I've seen and the comments of those using it. But you're right, I should wait for comparison videos before passing judgement.
  14. I'd pick the S1H over the R5 easily. A shame as the R5 does have the better IBIS and of course very good AF, but any camera that has to provide guidelines for overheating is a definite negative. I never asked for 8K. In fact, if they stuck to 6K with longer recordings, it would have been a better move in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how this camera is used by buyers, and how the overheating impacts. Will it not be a problem at all for those who buy it for small clip recordings, or will it impact them as a cumulative effect. Rolling shutter still hasn't been tested. Nor has dynamic range. Will overheating impact image quality, more noise. There's a lot more to learn about this camera before anyone can make a proper judgement on it. The R6 looks the more reliable choice, but then you lose DCI 4K from what I see, only IPB recording and H265 for 10 bit. Not a great fan of the codec. It's a tough one and a shame Canon have not offered a compromise between the R6 and R5, as camera features somewhere between both these cameras is something I would really want.
  15. I've done rolling interviews, one after another for over an hour. Plus I've done at least one interview that lasted nearly 30 mins due to various reasons. But you're right, I can work around the R5 limitation. I just use another camera. 😄
  16. As someone who shoots loads of Weddings, I can tell you that more than 20 minute recording is a must for filming. Yes, there are sections of the day where we grab small chunks, but Ceremony and Speeches are often needed in full. Weddings are very tough on cameras. I've hired a guy once with a Sony and his filming of the Ceremony was butchered by over heating. As for concerts and Corporate Events, you are right, there are other cameras, like the similar fullframe S1H, which although lacks a decent AF, does at least give us unlimited recording. The Canon R5 will be picked up by some Video shooters who can work around the issues, but there will be many who can't. So no, it doesn't satisfy all the marks, except those that fit your criteria and some others here.
  17. If Canon had given us their version of the S1H with DPAF in uncropped 4K at 10 bit upto 60p, with unlimited recording times, maybe even 6K recording with AF; the camera would be very useful to far more people here and attract less cristism. Its wonderful that Canon is taking video seriously again, but I feel they've gone the other way. They've crippled a cameras usability for some with huge video features rather than a lack of them. Of course like all other cameras out there with their own brand of limitations, it can and will be worked around by users determined to get the best from this camera. I'm not knocking those who wish to buy this camera and who say these issues won't impact on their filming; but don't pretend these are not genuine negatives for the camera.
  18. Rolling shutter isn't a single figure, but a range that goes from good to bad to awful. How it sits compared to others will and should be judged. As for whether is makes sense to everyone being irrelevant, er no. Its very relevant. And we are not talking about making sense. We are talking about a tool that has features that are useful to video shooting and issues that could potentially affect video shooting. This is relevant. An incredible piece of technology is in no doubt. A good price is down to where you buy it and how important the camera could be for your work. The hype is also in no doubt. Some of us would like to look beyond the hype. 😉
  19. If rolling shutter is an issue, then its not the only con. Also some of the bitrates are a tad unusable for general purpose. Groundbreaking yes, innovative, yes, perfect, no. Amongst the hype, its important the negatives get good attention. Because I could in a year from now be hiring a guy as a 2nd shooter, who uses this camera and I'll need to know the weaknesses if or when I do.
  20. Same boat as you; work been destroyed this year. Though when things look up, I shall take advantage of the price drop for the Pocket 6K and add that to my collection. 6K with manageable BRAW files are too much a lure. I have however enjoyed the R5 and R6 announcements, but to me the R6 feels too stripped down, whilst the R5s biggest selling points of 8K and 120p are unusable in my line of work due to file size. Great AF and smooth IBIS would make the R6 useful as a run n gun camera. I currently use my GH5 for that, but its limited AF cripples what I really need it for. I don't like the H265 file format for capture, but if I limited recordings per job, I could live with it. Plus I do the occasional odd job of Photography and the R6 would excel here over the GH5. I'm in no rush, but if it drops down in price, could be a pickup for sometime next year to replace my GH5. Unless Panasonic does something amazing with a GH6 release, and give us actual usable AF. If this does happen, it would be great as I could better film the flying pigs I currently see passing by my window. 😄
  21. I have no plans to buy the R5, but it is a big release in relation to video specs and I shall be following the hype with interest. Besides, it may kick other camera companies into gear, who have been quiet till now. With Sony announcement to follow in the next month and Nikon updating their cameras, I'd like to see a few others give some clue as to their future releases also. As has been noted, its been a very dull year of late and some excitement, any excitement is welcome.
  22. Questions that come to mind are the obvious, and a few not so obvious. What is the future of the GH line and MFT? Will there be a GH6, and if so, when? Will Panasoninc implement RAW in their cameras? Will we ever get great AF in their cameras? How will they respond to the R5 and the upcoming Sony A7S II successor? Why does the GH5 require a paid upgrade to receive vLog, when a much cheaper camera like the G100 gets it for free? Will possible future cameras like the GH6 and S2 require paid updates for extra functions? What is the criteria in selecting what is a paid upgrade and what is free. Given for example Blackmagic gave users a free upgrade for BRAW. How does Panasonic feel the loss of Olympus affect their investment in MFT?
  23. I expect social media darlings are seen to reach a wider audience. Guess Canon feels this matters more than getting people who know how to shoot really well. Plus those who shoot for a living are going to be more critical than those who rely on social media hype more than camera skills to keep themselves relevant. Or perhaps I'm just jaded when it comes to social media. 😉
  24. On the Panasonic GH cameras, only frame rates of up to 50p or 60p in ntsc mode, can be selected. To get higher frame rates, you have to access another Menu. I doubt 50 or 60p 8K is coming anytime soon. I'm amazed even 30p 8K is possible. I like the menu layout. I prefer to the one I have on the GH5, where you have to scroll to access it. The Canon is more clearer. Being able to shoot non RAW 8K suddenly makes 8K more useable on the camera. 21 mins for 512gb; be useful for small vanity projects, but not practical for any longer shoots.
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