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  1. Shutter Encoder. Best software for converting really
  2. Woah, the GH5 sensor is THAT good? Really makes me want to sell my X-T3 and get one..
  3. Woah, this is pretty cool - whats your handheld setup?
  4. any update on the xt3 update?
  5. Ugh, I'm so torn right now - I could sell the XT3 and buy a used GH5 with the ULTRA Metabones speedbooster. I'm very happy with Fuji's pictures, but video? Handheld is more of my style and I absolutely can't do it, since it has no IBIS. Is it that much of a difference for photography between these two cameras?
  6. Would it be a good idea to trade in my x-t3 for a gh5? Just curious if anyone has both cameras, and could share their opinion with me
  7. really curious about how the low light on the camera is - really important for run and gun
  8. I just wish Resolve's stabilizer would be as good as Adobe's warp stabilizer (pretty much unmatched, so good). Other than that - Resolve is the best
  9. Does it really get rid of micro jitters? I'm using an X-T3, without a stabilized lens and recording handheld is almost impossible, was looking into buying a gimbal but - it is expensive, and I like the handheld look more. Is gorillapod really a good alternative?
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