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  1. Z6 firmware 2.0 • Improved autofocus performance for photos and movies shot under low light: -3.5 – 19 EV (low light autofocus -6 – 19 EV), measured in photo mode with single-servo AF (AF-S) at ISO 100 and 20°C with an f/2 lens. @DBounce do you test it ?
  2. Never ending topic bcos nowadays most smartphone do delivery 4k
  3. So ....? A7III 4K = ferrari EOS R 4k = ?
  4. In summary, Car "A" do have ABS (Automatic braking system). Car "B" do have ABS+EBD+ESP both car delivery same result (control braking system)?. samsung note 9 delivery nice 4K video, why go for GH5
  5. However...it is hard to convince me to purchase this lens. It is expensive and old design. On the other hand. I do agreed with andrew. The design of eos r is not people-oriented and ergonomics
  6. Ha ha......happy april fools I did play around for this lens...in fact the lens do have noisy sound during focusing
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