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  1. Dude post up some pics if you can’t show video!

    If you’re just messing around, you could try killing any stray light and boosting your exposure essentially boosting the brightness of your lights?

    If you want I’ve also found nofilmschool, the premiumbeat blog, and newsshooter as pretty good resources. Mayne search there for lighting tips too?

  2. 11 minutes ago, nathlas said:

    There is absolutely none possibility to merge A7s and A9 series.

    First aims at video centric clients and second aims at professionals . Especially when Sony doesn't have a DSLR flagship like Eos1D they will insist on those models.

    Uhh... The A9 is Sony's flagship. It literally competes against the 1dx, which, coincidentally, had the best 4k in Cannons lineup. The video features in the a7s didn't limit the photography (excluding the low mp count.) So there's no reason, based on Sony's current cameras, to think that the A9II won't be able to do everything the a7s III could do. 

  3. Dude of course you have to be a better photographer. That's a given. It's a bad argument though. The A7RIV has better AF, Better Dynamic Range (advertised, still needs tested), Dual Card Slots, Better EVF, higher FPS burst, much higher resolution, along with more native lenses. Those are quite a few areas of superiority, which for some will make it a better stills tool. 

    Your argument is the equivalent of saying there's no point buying a BMW over a Subaru because you need a good driver to get it around the track. That's true, but a good driver might choose a BMW for it's better onroad-track specs and be faster because of it. 

    A better photographer will be able to use a more capable tool more effectively or efficiently, and for some the A7RIV will be a better tool. 

    We all know this. Sure it's not competitive for video, but for stills it's a pretty nice piece of gear.

  4. Thanks for the help! I really appreciate the input

    @Zach Goodwin2I was aiming for under $750 USD or $1000 CAD

    @tupp I like that idea, but I was thinking going with one capable of being battery powered would give me greater versatility. (I sometimes shoot in buildings without electricity or places that aren't near an outlet) I'll have to look into that option more though and maybe consider powered ones in the future? 

  5. So looking for some help getting my first lighting kit. It will mainly be for 2 point interview set-ups but it might be used for general fill or broll lighting. I was originally looking at the aputure tri8c but it's $670 CAD vs the h672w at $281 CAD. I was also looking at the ls 120d ii but it's $1k plus softbox and fresnel. I wanted to start out under $1k CAD and go from there. I should probably look at lights other than aputure but the amount of lights is overwhelming. I'm not very knowledgeable about lights so any recommendations are welcome. 

  6. Technically it's 1:01 but I'm counting it as a minute. To stay within the time limit I just used a LUT and did some basic corrections. (I screwed up on the outdoor shots, I thought my ND filter was maxed and so I stopped down to f8 and still blew the highlights, but in reality that vari ND filter turns the opposite way and I keep forgetting that.) Anyways enough talk here's the video:


  7. Saw this announced today and thought it might be a pretty big deal for recording? It's effectively a fast tiny nvme ssd using a common physical format. Sure this spec wouldn't be super common but it says that it'll be backwards compatible with the existing standard.

    Also even of is as expensive as cfast or the other card types it can be significantly smaller freeing up space for dual card slots or other things. I don't about you guys but I think this could be a pretty big deal (especially for Sony as they probably want to mantain the same form factor and this could help their space problem)

    Edit: just ran the math and that's roughly 8gb/s this should be capable of raw 8k 30 which is pretty insane.


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