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  1. Read what I wrote, it’s all subjective, shoot with whatever you want, do whatever you want. Budget is always a concern in low budget filmmaking. I don’t follow Darren as a director but I respect his work and if he likes his digital bolex then good for him. I have one digital bolex in the studio with two 5diii for photography only. “5D3 will do. Some nice Rosco gels would do that too:)” You do you, go shoot with your 5diii. Have fun, Rosco gels will make it look better:)
  2. I’m talking about low budget filmmakers ? You should be chasing story first not image. Higher budget in front of the lens and the crew behind will always look better then a hobbyist using 14bit raw. Anyone can buy a cheap black magic or 5d iii but still won’t look as good compare to Hollywood or streaming services. Why not just rent another Alexa when you have the budget. Obviously high budget has to do with it but look at Hollywood and streaming movies that fail, maybe the obsessiveness should be on story. Like someone here says no one walks out of a theater saying “it was shot in Alexa 65, beautiful high dynamic range, omg the 14bit raw colors” shows that lasting impression is not the image. I find some animation more entertaining tbh. “1080p raw video with 12ish stops of DR is hardly an obsession in IQ.“ It is an camera obsession if you keep switching cameras, try to find the best image to cheap mirrorless when you can work on your lighting skills, DOP is lighting also not just the image of the camera. Why waste so much time on so many cameras when you should spend more on the scene like changing mood, diffuse/bounce and shaping light. That’s more superior to me imo. “If it doesn't matter to you... cool! It doesn't mean it isn't important to someone else” Like I said before, use whatever you want, I’m just saying it shouldn’t be the only focus…let alone whining about it because a cheaper mirrorless can’t provide your missing needs. Again why complain, if it’s important just rent another arri.
  3. The obsession with IQ is getting out of hand here, 10bit, 12 bit, 14 bit seems to be negligible from the tests. Story, set design, lighting, sound, music, framing, lenses, etc. are more important then bit depth imo. Possession of Hannah grace 8bit 422(a7sii), 8bit 422 knock knock (1dc) and others released in festivals, streaming platforms proves that. Obviously people are biased and want the best possible and that’s great but 14 bit image isn’t everything to the overall average audience (same with 8k). All things subjective, filmmakers can shoot with whatever they want.
  4. I mean I probably wouldn't shoot with a Classic if my only concern was audience perception Exactly! In the end of the day the audience doesn’t care. You can shoot in 8 bit 420 or 422 if you wanted to.
  5. You’re using the Sigma fp as a B cam anyway, I don’t think audience would care if it’s missing the 2 extra bits in raw. I think when the lighting is good and the color closely matches, non pixel peeping audiences wouldn’t really notice. I would only use the B cam for certain angles and pick up shots, A cam would be used 90-95%. Ymmv.
  6. Hacked cameras are fine if you’re a hobbyist YouTube filmmaker and you like experimenting but on paid sets, things like Sdi, shutter angle, video assist tools, timecode, full hdmi, long battery life, reliability and a big screen definitely helps, especially on long 12hr days.
  7. I don't see that much of a difference. Maybe pixel peepers can tell but the 95%of the audience watching on there phones don't care. You can mimic color/film look on most camera nowadays with post manipulation software (dehancer/film-convert/Cinematch) or hire a good color grader/editor. Will it be a 100% match to a red/alexa, NO.... but it will be close.
  8. Why not just buy a gimbal or steadicam ? I would go S5 all the way for the ibis, Anamorphic, full frame stills, and cinema features. It's almost close to the same price, $250 difference. Color from both cameras look good to me.
  9. The S5 looks like a winner to me, aside from video AF/micro hdmi. For my needs, I would definitely pick it over anything Sony, canon R5/R6 and Fuji xt4.
  10. Does the S5 have pro res raw support like the S1H ?
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