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  1. I'm for the first time considering getting a phone that expensive. I mean, I was considering an RX100VI for trips and family non pro stuff mixed with some youtube and gimbal things but the computational thing makes it interesting for family and holiday stuff, the streaming capabilities makes it a faster youtube machine. HDR, ISO 400 max and Filmic pro extreme codec makes it a mostly viable daylight tool, the Zhiyun is less than 200€ for gimbal stuff and you can connect an external microphone.

    I'm going to wait for Google pixel 3 and see what they offer but these mobiles are getting so good that some people will start to consider them instead of 1 inch cameras, which I thought I would never see it happen.




  2. The GH5 just needed better AF like DPAF or PDAF to be the perfect camera. Sony just needs a better screen, be it tilty-swively or 90º up to appeal to people like bloggers and maybe 50p 4k and 10bit for cinematographers.

    Canon and Nikon are entering the fray bringing numbers and history but for some reason they're going to protect their DSLR line or their Cinema line. That gives Pana and Sony a very good opportunity to react and be in a better position when the landslide arrives. It's either that or being crushed to bits by the dinosaurs. Really rooting for the nimble mammals here.

  3. After a couple of seconds I expected a BBC voice narrating the mating procedures of the green walking bug. Without talking about DR on ISO, right now it looks great and good enough for me. That it comes with a Resolve copy and at the price point they gave it, makes it even more of an incredible deal.

  4. Megapixel wars are over and I guess they won't reach razors 5 camera ridiculousness. Phone sizes are reaching tablet proportions and most people can't even hold and write with one hand any more. Body screen ratio is reaching it's limits too and most of the mid category phones are good enough for everything.

    Phones are reaching saturation. What the industry needs is a visionary to find another business sector ready to grow. Smartwatches are not very popular and I'm sure people are not very happy about letting an always-on microphone in their homes with the excuse of turning on and off an oven or answering irrelevant questions. 1st world problem IMHO but who knows.

    Anybody knows a sector ready to explode that hasn't been in the news lately like VR, AI or Autonomous vehicles?

  5. I'm on the same spot but on the opposite way. I've been with mac since the powermac G5 and I do love FCPX but I'm seriously considering moving to PC and Resolve with a little bit of Vegas 16 (at the end of the month).

    I agree with everybody here. If you're going to stick to Premiere get the Dell. If you want to try Resolve, get the Dell. If you want to try FCPX obviously get the macbook pro, but it's going to be an expensive test.

    I've build a gaming PC for my children as an excuse and I'm loving it even though it's an i3. I chose the wrong components to build a hackintosh and struggled to make one. Next I'm building a golden build and try again with an i5, if it works, I'll stick with apple a little longer but if I can't because I'm an idiot, I'm moving everything to PC and get that same Dell with Resolve.


  6. 13 hours ago, jonpais said:

    Reliable AF-C is huge, and the a7 III has it in spades. Particularly useful for shooting at wide apertures and gimbal work. And unlike some other manufacturers’ implementation, transitions are not so jarring as to be all but unusable.

    You're spot on there. One of the reasons mirrorless started beating DSLRs, in my opinion, was the incredible implementation of eye focusing. I remember many times with my 5DMKII where I got mostly nose shots even though I was using face detection.

  7. With more and more time spent with a computer screen (laptops and my children in ipads) I'm considering less and less to buy a new TV. Instead I'm looking at a Bluetooth speaker and some good portable projector to take it to any room we want or with us on a trip.

    Most of the time we're consuming Netflix on our own and just sometimes we gather for some film so having a giant black box in a room it's starting to not make sense (although the difference in quality will be enormous in compare with the projector). Maybe I'm the only one thinking about this, who knows. But a Netflix mode is a good call, even better if it activates automatically when the app is selected.

  8. Thanks to Youtube I discovered plant based diet, lost 20 kilos and left high blood pressure medication (wondered why I couldn't eat a banana doing the protein diet and still feeling awful after half a year and I found Happy healthy vegan>Forks over knives>Dr. McDougall>Dr Greger), I have a little more control over the things we have, despite having two children who love toys (the minimalists, Matt D'avella,...) and with the tiny houses and vanlifers I delayed my need to overspend in a bigger flat (Levi, Exploring alternatives, Living big in a tiny house) appart from the video audio classics that probably we are all following.

    Idiots screaming at the microphone and doing stupid things are for young people who don't know better yet. So yes, it's good, but as Dan said it depends of who and how it's being used.

  9. If you're on Windows you can create a RAID as an internal drive with storage spaces, then have a Synology for backup in home and have backblaze to backup that internal Storage RAID drive. With backblaze you can backup an USB drive which could mean that in Mac you could leave the Synology and get a drobo as a backup solution, but for editing I think it would be slower.

  10. 41 minutes ago, zerocool22 said:

    If this trend continues I think nofilmschool, fstoppers, ... will have to close the website down as its just links to youtube. I can go to youtube straight away, I dont need another website to bring me to youtube.  And maybe even pushes authors to create original content.

    I already don't visit Filmschool any more and for Fstoppers, I'm subscribed to the channel but if I'm looking for information I just come here, google it or youtube search it and visit the most relevant or the newest. For example, the M50. Appart of Andrew's and Dave's I haven't found any good example of cinematic or unsharpened videos which makes me suspicious and prevents me from trusting Canon on that one, specially regarding 1080 50p.


    24 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

    I think there is definitely a place for a site that acts as a curator for quality YouTube videos that aren't tainted by overtly dubious agendas though.

    You're one of the best examples of why I consider this place that curator.

  11. 7 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    But to answer your question, yeah I think the Two 560 4gb will probably be better than the lone 1060, remember neither of these were top end cards, the 560 being the older of the two, but I am not sure how Resolve will handle them un linked. I don't like it that way at all to be honest. But easy to try it both ways. But you know how computer builds are, sometimes stuff just comes together and it is a Rocket, or it can be a Dog. You never know until you do it.

    If I understood correctly, Resolve likes to have similar cards and send frames to each for processing. Use Display GPU for Compute option in the studio version, I think. I'm used to work with FCPX but my second hand macbook pro retina 2012 died 2 months ago and the more I wait, the more I'm thinking about building a PC with more RGB Lights than a Christmas tree, modular by nature and cheaper than the most basic 27" i5 imac.

  12. Regarding Davinci Resolve and a new PC, anybody knows if it would it be better to have two cheap graphic cards (without sli or anything like that) like the 560 4gb or one more expensive one like a 1060 6gb? 

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