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  1. Well, interesting to know if the timer Is integrated in the processor or it’s a separate unit and if it is possible to cheat it physically.
  2. Thanks for your words!) Here is a video I've shot on this setup: Hoop.
  3. Hello! I'd like to share with you my setup. It is very simple to do, nevertheless I've spent about a $1000 to try different ways and ideas. I end up with a setup which costs about $200-300. It is a fully electronic dual follow focus system, controlled by Arduino Nano with two servos and powered by 2 3.7 Li-ion 4800 mAh batteries. The price very much depends on motors and potentiometers you choose. You can calibrate it with any lens. Still it is a bit noisy and I'd like to make a wireless version as well plus add a monitor and a possibility to store more than one lens in its memory. VIDEO
  4. I've contacted the manufacturer. They've written the following: "Also we do have slot for firmware update. We been working on anamorphic squeeze and desqueeze since last year demand so we could have an update soon." If so, it's going to be the best cheap monitor for our needs.
  5. Are there any small devices that can change the aspect ratio of an HDMI signal?
  6. Introducing my DIY synchronized double follow focus system for ISCO 2x ULTRA STAR and Biometar 2.8 80mm. Actually it can work with any taken lenses. You just need to print another gear for the lens and calibrate it with three buttons. Also you can use even another adapter. Then you need to reprint all the holders and gears. It is quite noisy. I guess I have to find another silent motors. But look how it works. https://youtu.be/XT2UbgYFvlI
  7. Hi! Does anyone know if it is possible to change the multiplier on this monitor to stretch the video. It has a 2.39 mode but it seems it is not enough, cause the picture still looks a bit squeezed.
  8. Hello! If you set your adapter to the nearest focus you have to set you taken lens to 1.2-1.7 m. Also you have to consider, that your adapter can rotate to almost 360 degrees, while your taken lens changes focus even with a slight movement. So, rotate your adapter's focus ring more.
  9. Here you can find a lot: http://lens-club.ru/lenses/c_1427282.html It is all in Russian, but google translate can be helpful. It is a huge data-base of all lenses you could imagine.
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