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  1. DR is impressive and combined with art lens is just poetry all over it
  2. its for mtf as it stated on web https://www.43rumors.com/wow-panasonic-announces-the-10-25mm-f-1-7-micro-four-thirds-lens/
  3. id go for 15mm Leica that would be my personal choice fast aperture and native autofocus with hack can help alot
  4. @Anaconda_ am thinking to preorder ,i got question ive been editing with Premiere pro since i received my GH5 h264 codec 400mbps etc will raw workflow be different to my current use with Premiere? will i have to take extra steps etc? sorry for bein so noob
  5. Fuji shooters can u tell me please is this Eterna Film? i love the look
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