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  1. so Canon decided to cannibalize their flag ship c500 & 1dx miii ? If this is true than expect 15k tag on it.
  2. Currently working on Project with S1 the colors and ibis is just bless some footage here ( Wip) this was shot on S1 with 24-105 f/4 with ND Now imagine for sec this camera in Pro hands? (am noob) Edit: Youtube compressed it sooo bad on Davinci it looked so crisp and colourful
  3. Hey everyone Yes S1 shoots 4:2:2 in 10bit 100Mbs Full Log in HD
  4. close Not in Eu anyways , @Rinad Amir is right by the time you get your 1D u will shell around 8k and thats no lens included so around 10k up and runing before u can shoot https://cvp.com/product/canon-1dx-mk- iii
  5. when u say fullframe do u mean apsc?
  6. does it overheat in 4k rev?
  7. Look at you jumping ships?now your comparing 1Dmiii to C200 ! U trolling eh?
  8. I think its wrong to compare 1dxiii to S1h Both different beasts For one S1H build for Cinema indi folks and 1Dxmiii for sports shooters wildlife action. I got to agree with Django it does outpower S1H with autofocus but that's about it in my opinion it hasn't got 6k10bit nor exposure tools like scopes or articulating screen tele lamp or anamorphic mode IBIS? @thebrothersthre3 how on earth is it compact? Even Davealtizer from Kinotica mentioned in his video 5:35
  9. Release date? This is good news as i always wanted to have canon colour @autofocus
  10. Where did u read this up if u dont mind asking interesting?
  11. It really shines in capable hands ?
  12. Well, It seems Canon listened to their customers. Many videographers felt angry that Canon did not deliver 24p video capture mode (23.98 fps) on recent cameras. The first Canon cameras to get 24p video mode through a firmware update in October will be the Canon EOS 90D and EOS RP. The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III and PowerShot G5 X Mark II will follow in December, and the EOS M6 Mark II sometime at the beginning of 2020. Canon press release: Canon confirm a firmware update to include 24p mode for video recording in recently launched EOS and PowerShot models London, England – Wednesday 9th October 2019 – In response to customer feedback about the recently launched EOS and PowerShot models, Canon Europe will introduce 24p (23.98fps) mode for video recording, via a series of future firmware updates for select models. Once downloaded, the free firmware updates will enable users to shoot 24p (23.98fps) in Full HD and 4K resolutions for the select models. The first Canon models to benefit from the new 24p (23.98fps) firmware will be the recently launched EOS 90D and EOS RP in late October. The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III and G5 X Mark II will follow by the end of December and the EOS M6 Mark II update will be available during 2020. This announcement comes after the recent availability of the new firmware version 1.3 for EOS RP and 1.4 for EOS R which further enhances the eye and subject detection AF performance of both mirrorless cameras. Canon is committed to providing a diverse and full line-up of products to cater for all capabilities and interests by listening to our customers feedback and providing enhancements accordingly.
  13. Well in my experience with GH5 its not Sony or Canon level of autofocus but! If u dont jump infront of lens like twat it should work perfect i hate seen people comparing Sony to Pana autofocus on youtube they dont talk about 8bit 100mb codec or lack anamorphic features or waveform scopes or real Cinema 24p mode Sorry for rage comments people i truly got nothing against other brands. This was shot with GH5 autofocus 10bit internal using waveform and one tiny lens
  14. @GreekBeast go for A7Riv its best of autofocus just point and shoot?
  15. Hey @thebrothersthre3 its 12mm Summilux Thank you for kind words) Its beast combo ?
  16. Yah i need to dig in to that more thank you Cinegain??
  17. Hey Adam is that in wb settings u adjusted tint? Or am missing something
  18. More like Red?anyways i did some googling and thanks to all of you guys i found filter from Tiffen has anyone used them or any recommendations would be appreciated https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1394768-REG/tiffen_w82natnd15_82mm_natural_neutral_densitiy.html?selectedType=Size&Size=58mm&Density=5-Stop
  19. Any recommendations on IR filter? Basically screw on ir filter and then nd on top? Need to get one like passport size maybe as i run and gun
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