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  1. Just now, newfoundmass said:

    I don't understand how specs can be disappointing when there isn't a major camera company doing what the S1H can do in this price range?

    It's fine if it's not for you, but to act like this isn't a major release that raises the bar is just crazy. 

    I agree!!!

    Wish Sony had done something - anything - to improve video on their new releases today (a6600 and a6100) but sadly they didn't. 

    Oh well... Maybe lots of people will sell their X-T3s to invest in an S1H and I can get a good deal on a used Fuji???

  2. 3 hours ago, Adam Kuźniar said:

    i vlog on the gh5 in manual focus all the time and it's super easy to do with screen flipped forward 

    Good to know. 

    11 hours ago, Video Hummus said:

    If they are sitting in one spot, yes. Why would you use AF? Besides autofocus being able to see yourself in the screen helps with framing. AF won’t save your poorly framed vlogging.

    I just can't imagine myself setting manual focus from behind the camera, then going to sit down in front, discovering focus is off, getting back up and adjusting focus, then sitting down and seeing if focus is spot on or not, then repeating until I get the focus right.

    guess if I were in arm's reach of the lens that would be fine. though. 

    5 hours ago, kye said:

    Yes.  I saw a vlogger include it in a vlog once when there was a meetup of vloggers and they got someone else doing the focus trick in the background, so they explained it.

    You put the camera in AF-S hold the camera up to your face, hold out your arm and flip your hand up (like you're indicating to stop a car) and do a single focus on the back of your hand.  Then set the camera to MF and it will keep the focus you set from this procedure.

    The vloggers were all Sony people and they all laughed that they do this secretly to make sure they're kept in focus.  Because they're Sony users and don't have flip screens they can't see what they're shooting, so basically put on a wide angle lens and point it at themselves and over time learn what the composition is like.  They go MF because if you can't compose you don't know what you're pointing the camera at and you also don't know what's in focus and what isn't.

    Sony FTW!!


    Ok, so I am getting the impression this is important for vloggers.

  3. 6 hours ago, Dan Wake said:

    hi thx for help, your comment seems similar but unfortunately I didn't understand what did you wants to suggest me. I don't uderstand how something that passionate and interest me can be a start for a project. can you give me an example please?

    Hi There, Dan:

    Are you looking for help with your filming TECHNIQUE?

    Or are you looking for help in picking topics?

    If you are looking for help with TECHNIQUE, here is a simple one for sit down interview.



    But if you are instead looking for suggestions on what topics to cover, that is harder. You said you want to make interviews about activism topics. Why do you want to do that? Do you feel strongly about activism? or do you just want to practice shooting interviews / get paid to make videos and you don't really care about social activism? 

    If you don't know much about activism / human rights then I can make some suggestions by private message to you. I don't want to turn a public thread into a political thread on this forum.

  4. 50 minutes ago, Attila Bakos said:

    No, the magenta issue is something else, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. It's not something you see in each clip, I haven't seen it on my X-T3 yet.

    For the workarounds check this thread:




    I am pretty sure that once I decide to sell all my Sony gear and spend big $$$ going Fuji, then Sony will release an aps-c camera with 10-bit 4:2:2 60fps 4K just to spite me.

  5. 4 hours ago, androidlad said:

    @Attila Bakos Fujifilm Tokyo has responded to the use of BT.601 tag in internally recorded files: 


    Is it the BT.601 tag that is causing the Magenta skies / clouds?


    1 hour ago, Attila Bakos said:

    But....ahhh... at least we have workarounds.

    Is there a summary of the various workarounds?

  6. Just got a new PortKeys 5" monitor for my Sony a6500 and there is CRAZY LAG when I try to shoot video.

    When I shoot stills, there is no perceptible lag at all.

    But when I shoot video, it is like the screen update refresh is changes to twice per second.

    I am sure I have some setting messed up (most likely) but don't know what to look for.

    Again, in stills it is fine, but once I change it to movie, the lag is HORRIBLE.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  7. 15 hours ago, Zach Goodwin2 said:

    Is there a way to color correct this in video with a constantly moving subject and constantly moving camera?

    That's one limitation of shooting video: unless it is RAW, it is difficult to correct different color casts.

    It's even more difficult when in the same scene you pan the camera from one color cast to another.

    In your editor if you have an orange color cast from tungsten lighting, you can cool the temperature a little bit AND lower the Vibrance down to zero or negative a little bit.

    Then bring the saturation up a little.

    And as @androidlad lad suggested above, do a secondary grade to reduce the blue saturation.

    I don't know what NLE you use. Resolve is pretty good at dealing with various color casts to an extent. But nothing is going to be as good as a RAW photo.

  8. On 3/28/2019 at 11:21 PM, tomsemiterrific said:

    Mark, I looked closely at your video. I think EOSHD Z-Log L would give you a better result at getting a nice interior image without blowing out the highs. 

    These profiles and the instruction are inexpensive. I'll try to do some shots tomorrow, but it's supposed to be cloudy. Not sure how effective it will be.

    Thanks in advance.

    Two more questions / requests for you.

    1) You mentioned you were pretty happy with the Z6 compared to the a7 III. Can you kind of list the reasons why you like the Z6 better than the a7 III?

    2) Do you know of a good manual focus lens around 20mm to adapt to the Z6? Something with minimal distortion preferably? (I know that might be hard to find in a wide angle lens).

  9. @tomsemiterrific If you have time, I hope you could do a little dynamic range test of the Z6 and Z Log for me.

    Can you just shoot a brief couple of clips (20 seconds each is long enough) from inside a house looking outside  a window on a sunny day?

    Expose one clip for the sky (I understand the interior of the house will be dark)

    Expose one clip for the interior of the house (the outside will blow out).

    Expose one clip in the middle.

    You could also just do one clip and adjust the exposure during the clip so that in one part you are preserving the highlights, in another you are preserving the shadows, and the other is just kind of in the middle.

    I shoot mostly architecture and for me the struggle is trying to balance a bright view out the windows without making the interior to dark. Here is a sample of what I try to do and the challenges I face:


    Starting at the 1:20 mark, you can see that the outside was really blownout because I had to have a bright enough exposure for the interior.

    Anyway, thanks in advance if you could do ANY sort of DR testing.

  10. 9 hours ago, tomsemiterrific said:

    The three flavors of Reid's Z-log has decidedly more dynamic range than Nikon's internal flat profile...a lot more. And they're easy to grade, with lovely LUTS. When you can't shoot N-Log and need the dynamic range I think this is the way to go. I really love the Z6--fun to shoot with great stabilization, lovely image, kick-butt dynamic range.

    Yeah, it is very tempting. I saw about ten different videos on youtube claiming to be shooting in Z-Log and they all looked pretty good  (although a few were in languages I didn't speak so I don't want to swear they were shooting Z-Log).

    Wonder what would be a good gimbal for a Z6 and the 18-35 AF-S G and the FTZ adapter?

  11. Ok, firstly, thanks all to everyone who has chipped in.

    I guess I should have clarified something about this.

    My wife does travel a lot for business and in the past she used a Sony a5100 with the 16-50 kit lens Instead of her cell phone).

    I think the MAIN reason that she used the a5100 instead of the S7 she owns was... she believes that she needs a "real" camera to achieve her artistic vision.

    Seriously: I try to show her videos on youtube of cinematic footage taken with a smartphone and she ain't having it.

    Now, if you know me well (and, thank your lucky stars that you DON'T know me well), you would know that I HATE spending money on things that I don't need / won't get used.

    So believe me that I have Anti-GAS; I mean, I have been asking people about an upgrade from my a6500 on this forum for two years now, and I STILL use my a6500 and haven't replaced it with anything. No a7 III, no Z6, no X-T3, no GH5, no EOS R / RP.

    So, anyway, I would just have her use the a5100 (since it is just lying here collecting dust, and since she used it a lot for photos in the past), but for video those things overheat in the mild San Francisco weather in about 12 minutes. I am sure they wouldn't last half that in Morocco.

    Now, I could get her an a6000 as @Kisaha suggested, but I am pretty sure she will appreciate the flip out screen and the IBIS a lot more than the aps-c sensor of the a6000.

    I think a mic input would be pretty important, too. a600 doesn't have one, but it could work with a proprietary Sony mic that uses the hotshoe to transmit the audio from the mic to the camera.


  12. 16 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

    Don't you have an a6xx camera? These are the 450$ cameras of today.

    Yes, I have an a6000 and an a6500.

    Unfortunately, they are not really user friendly, and the stabilization is not so good.

    They also tend to overheat a bit.

    5 minutes ago, thephoenix said:

    Olympus has good deals and good cameras

    Thanks. Can you suggest a particular model?

  13. So looking for a budget camera (less than $450 used) for my 13-year-old son, and for my wife to use in their upcoming trip to Morocco in early April.

    Primarily, looking for something cheap(ish) in case they lose it / break it, and should be easy to use, good stabilization, decent (or at least acceptable) autofocus, and has a mic input port. (I will probably have them put a Rode Video Micro in the hot shoe since it doesn't require a battery).

    It should have pretty good 1080p and also preferably 4K. I think they will MOSTLY shoot 1080p, but occasionally 4K.

    Oh, and would prefer for it to NOT spontaneously combust in the Moroccan Spring heat, so [insert obligatory Sony joke here.]

    So far, I am thinking the Panasonic FZ1000 as the leader with the FZ300 as a runner up.

    Bigger sensor of the FZ1000 vs the FZ300's weather sealing and touch screen.

    Since the FZ300 is a year newer than the FZ1000, does it have improved AF and improved stabilization over the FZ1000?

    Should I be looking at something else besides these cameras?

    Or... should I just convince my wife to use her Galaxy S7?

  14. 6 hours ago, Deadcode said:

    This is a hard one.

    If you overexpose those highlights, it's gone. Try to grade for the interior in this case

    If you expose properly, then you can do the HDR style grade.

    On you linked samples the guys probably shoot RAW photos in multiexposure using sliders, then stiched them together.

    You can download your graded examples from here

    And here are the screengrabs:




    Thanks for taking the time to look at the examples and to grade them. I really appreciate that. They look good.

    For the bottom example, did you just raise the shadows and add saturation? or was it more complex than that?

    Also, thanks for the thoughts about the idea of them shooting stills on a timelapse and creating an HDR video from that. I thought they might have just used a programmed motorized slider in a couple of passes, and then masked in the windows. But shooting stills in a time lapse might be easier.

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