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  1. I would use the GH5 and 42.5mm 1.2 for concerts. The lens is sharp wide open and the GH5 has much better image quality than the G7.
  2. Yuan

    gx85 to gh5?

    I started with the GX85 and then got the GH5, couldn't be happier. 10bit Vlog on the GH5 grades very nicely and it has 4k60 8bit, which has been a life saver. Right out of the camera, 4k footage from the D850 should look nicer. But Nikon doesn't have a log profile.
  3. The 12-60mm Panaleica for me. The rendering is far superior to my eyes.
  4. Good news they're not closing up shop, I was looking forward to the GR III.
  5. Thanks for this insight, do you have any test footage by any chance? I'm really curious to see how it looks as a video. Besides -2 on saturation, do you change any of the other settings? I've been experimenting as well and I haven't gotten to a place that I'm completely happy with. So far, I'm at to +1 on standard, +/-2 shadows/highlights, noise reducation all the way down and -3 for sharpening.
  6. I think Sony was supposed to make an announcement on the a7 series last year, but things were postponed because of the earthquake. I expect Sony to make a release this year. Depends on what kind of gear you are working with now. If you can get by, I would wait.
  7. Yuan

    GH5 Lenses

    Hey Jonpais, glad to see you're enjoying the portability of a m43 system now :D Rich, if I was working with a C300, I would have a hard time considering m43 unless run and gun type shooting is involved. I got into the m43 system for its compactness and lenses. Always admired the contrast of Leica lenses and noticed that PanaLeica lenses produced the same character. The combo that sold me was the GX85 with 25mm 1.4, which was super light with fantastic IBIS. It fits in any bag with the rest of my stuff and it's not a pain to lug around everywhere. I wanted it as a casual camera for vl
  8. Yuan

    GH5 Lenses

    These 3 comparison articles were the biggest influences for me when choosing what lenses to get for the m43 system: Voitglanders: http://www.thehurlblog.com/cinematography-micro-43-lenses/ Panasonic Leica: http://www.thehurlblog.com/cinematography-online-micro-four-thirds-lenses/ Olympus: http://www.thehurlblog.com/film-school-online-micro-43-lenses-3/ I went for PanaLeica. But if I mainly shot landscape, I would've went for Olympus. If I was shooting purely for a cinematic look, I would have chosen the Voiglanders.
  9. I love your work! Been looking forward to that 25mm 1.2 review for a while...
  10. Given the price range and specification, I think a6300 and 35mm 1.8 is the best option. But if I were in your position with access to this future purchase for low light shooting, I would try to convince her to spend some more money (or help chip in) and get the a6500...
  11. I have never used AF with Speed Boosters either. I was talking about fatigue setting in after a day of shooting and it creates more room for mistakes, needlessly. Using native lenses opens you up to more freedom of mobility, less fatigue, focussing with lower margin of error. Basically, using a M43 system for what it excels in. I think Griffin Hammond expressed something similar for his video work. I think the speedbooster route makes the most sense if your goal is to move onto a FF/apsc system with your set of lenses in the future (using Canon lenses now with the goal to move onto C
  12. I got the Sigma 18-35 1.8 and lensregain first, big mistake. It's just too inconvenient, makes it unwieldly when handheld. Portability and IBIS are 2 factors that make the GX85 great, the speedbooster combo just ruins it. I'm a big fan of the 25mm 1.4, the last time I was this excited about taking pictures was when I got my first DSLR. Here are some my pics with the 25mm 1.4: https://www.flickr.com/photos/146178233@N07/albums/72157679142129036 AF is another thing, I remember once when I was shooting video all day with the Sigma 18-35 + speedbooster combo. I was tired and thought the
  13. From the comparisons I've seen, I think Oly and PL renders very differently. To me, PL has a bold, distinctive look (probably because of higher micro contrast) and OLY has more of a smooth digital look...not sure if that makes any sense. I got the PL because I like taking portraits and I think the lens's character works better with my style: https://www.flickr.com/photos/146178233@N07/albums/72157679142129036 If I shot mostly nature/landscape, I would've gone for the OLY.
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