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  1. Greg Block

    NAB 2018

    @Trek of Joy This fall is my guess...they skipped last year's NAB announcing a camera, so they could ship on my time is my reasoning.
  2. I was not using audio from the GX85. The fan is audible for sure on the Video Assist, but it wasn't so loud that the lavaliere mic picked it up on the main camera (G7). Like you said handheld is not optimal with the external monitor. I have a small shoulder mount system I use for that.
  3. Yes I have...the video assist works great with it! You can record simultaneously too. If I record 4k30 in the camera the Video Assist automatically changes to 1080p30. Edit: Added an image of the Video assist in action. Another plus is the focus peaking works better than the internal one.
  4. Did a sky shot yesterday evening as was recommended by fuzzy Internal Vector (Contrast pushed up) External Vector (Contrast pushed up) Internal Screenshot External Screenshot
  5. Ahh okay that makes sense. Looking at the video it seems smoother to me than the internal 1080p60, but it could just be my eyes playing tricks on me.
  6. Long time lurker here. Joined up to show you the file I get when I hook up the gx85 to my Blackmagic Video Assist.
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