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  1. But we really need some metering/exposure in video mode. In the main display with all other functions and also a clean display option. And why we can't have zebras and peaking at the same time? There's some annoying things that could be easily fixed by firmware.
  2. Hey guys! I wanted to create a different topic, with some actual hands-on experience from everyone who have a Z camera. More focused in video of course So far, I have some mix-feelings about the Z6 I own. The video quality is great but there's some quirks in the user experience. And in the photo department, I'm not totally convinced. My photos don't look as sharp as my D600, slow AF (yes, it's slow in not so low light) and I'm not totally amazed by high ISO that everyone talks. I wonder If I have a problem with my sensor or not. Maybe it's just stuff in my head, but on other day I was doing some tests and I saw a lot of stuck pixels with ISO +6400. Eye-AF looks promising and I'm hoping for it, because I don't trust face detect for wide aperture. But what I really wish is a firmware that address small glitches/quirks in video mode. Here's what I think they could improve/add in video: - It takes about 1 second when you stop recording and want to restart recording. I believe they could improve this. XQD are fast enough. - Why on earth we don't have a metering mode (histogram) with all my others display things? Make it smaller and put it in the right corner. On/off Histogram would be great on "Customize i menu" or any other button. - Clean display option (like in photos) and able to see everything from the screen in an external monitor (Settings and all that. Or let us customize that). At least the recording icon and time info. - It took some time to figure it out. You can't have Zebras and Peaking at the time. I kinda get it, but that's why we need histogram in the main viewmode. It's a little annoying to record in manual mode (the supposed why to film most of the time) and always clicking buttons to see histogram or deactivate/activate peaking so you can see blown highlights. Is not a fluid workflow. - I believe peaking needs improvement. And a weird thing is, as soon I start recording the peaking improves a little bit. (4K resolution ?) - Still about peaking. I would love to have it always ON in AF-S/C/F like in Manual. And no need to press AF-On/Shutter to actually see peaking. Imagine to be on AF-S mode, press shutter to guarantee a fast focus point and then move the focus ring when needed and have peaking. In AF-F mode, it works kinda in the same way. When you move your focus ring it changes to M mode and you see peaking. If this worked the same way in AF-S/C it would be enough for me. I'm not a fan of "stressing" the lens focus motor in AF-F mode. - Since we have a joystick button, make the the other navigation button to multiple functions (1 or 2 buttons action.). WB, Specific frame size/rate, histogram, zebras, peaking on/off. - Change focus direction. Most of this are small things and I believe it could be totally done by firmware and would help a lot when shooting video. Most of them are just UI. Other wishful things: - Record 100/120fps in DX mode (with or without crop) - Record 60/50fps in 4k (with or without crop) - Record N-log internally. But there's a lot of good things about it: - Body, touch monitor and EVF are really good. - I'm happy with battery duration. Just wish we could charge it and still use the camera. - Photo/Video mode settings are saved separately. This is so, so good. It's fast to change between and still have the correct settings. - The video quality is amazing. 4k, 1080p, DX, 100fps. Every mode I pick, I'm sure I will have good quality video. Sorry for any English mistakes. Share your thoughts and experiences.
  3. Hey guys! I don't know if it's just me or not, but I'm kinda of dissapointed with High-ISO on my Z6. I did a quick comparison with my D600 (RAW photos) and they were very, very close. Even my D600 were sharper (maybe because I have fine-tuned my Sigma 50mm). And I also shoot some video, flat profile and at 5000iso I could see a lot of grain.Very rough conditions I must say, no daylight... I believe I still need to fine-tune my 50mm Art, because I feel I'm not getting really, really sharp photos. So, what I'm trying to get is If I really have a defective camera or just "stuff" on my mind... I still have a few days to return.
  4. I like it but I'm struggling with it. I really need to understand how this AF-F and AF modes works. In video mode touch screen works but If I click AF-on doesn't do anything, only in AF-S Single. And dunno why, peaking isn't showing. In "i" menu I added peaking, but can't see anything... I already read it, that Lightroom is reading the NEF files as it was a JPEG. It's very nice because you can see the right colors straight. For video profiles, do you guys use Auto, Regular or Flat? I've lowered the sharpening in all 3 profiles, but I'm still wondering the best video options ...
  5. Hey guys! Finally I got my Z6 + 24-70mm. I know I still need to understand more this new settings and AF, but I already struggle with what everyone is talking, low light AF for photo. But besides that, this looks really really promising. So good to have video and photo settings saved independently. I believe the default profile for video is a little too much with sharpening and contrast. What settings do you use for standard and flat profile? I was thinking about to sell my Sigma 18-35mm, but I think I'll stay with it and shoot video in DX mode. It doesn't seems to make a difference. Thanks
  6. So the Nikon Z6 unlike the Z7, doesn't crop at 100p?! That's good to known. Now I just need to see some examples in DX mode, if it looses video quality or not. If it doesn't I can keep my Sigma 18-35mm. I actually didn't know there was an digital stabilization option, I thought it was only sensor stabilization.
  7. I'm searching for a long time for a real good hybrid camera. This one may retire my D600 and NX1. And that option to save photo and video settings independently, is gold. But I still have some doubts about this in Z6: - Does it crop at 100p/120p? How much +/-? - any crop with IBIS on? - I haven't see any comparison between FX and DX mode in Z6 or Z7. How IQ (video) compares between FX vs DX? - Also, in DX mode does it crop at 100/120p? Thanks
  8. This is gold and right on time! I'm doing some rough cuts from 2000 files, every day to a different sequence. And then I will need to export/copy only the used files in the sequences. So, according to your last post @OliKMIA I just need to select "Collect Files and Copy to a New Location", correct?! And most probably I'll need it to transcode to DNxHR/HD after. And btw, is it possible to export all individual cuts in a sequence, but with IN/Out points and also with some margin at star/end of each file? Let's say, 2sec pre/post-roll... I'm not sure If Premiere is able to do this.
  9. Thank god they have separate settings for photo/video. When I talked about the 4k60p, was through a firmware update. We can always dream.... Fuji introduces new features with firmware, maybe Nikon could do the same with their mirrorless segment. I can't wait to see your review Andrew.
  10. I really want Nikon Z6 to be a very successful camera, I just wished a 4K 60p internally. C'mon Nikon, surprise everyone at Z6 launch, you can do it ? I have one question, when changing between photo and video mode, does it keep the values from each mode? I hate to keep changing the shutter, iso, aperture when going from photo to video. And this new Nikon' Z6 is possibly my new future camera, a really hybrid camera. And then I can sell my D600 and Samsung NX1.
  11. BaZa

    Waiting Game...

    I want a Nikon Z6 with a firmware update to deliver 4k 60fps and 10bit N-log internally.
  12. Thanks for the answers. I did check that link, but I guess I didn't scrolled enough :P The Samsung card is the one that it came with the camera, for now I'll stay with him. But probably can't get the 180Mbits with the hack.
  13. Hi guys! I'm a new member of NX1 family. I just got my camera but I'm still waiting for the adapter (Nikon lens only). I've been following this thread for months and now is the moment to hack the camera I just got. Is there any guide or step by step to install the hack? I'm thinking to install Vasille's. I'm just interested in the bitrate modification. The card I'm going to use will be "Samsung Memory 64GB Pro SDXC UHS-I". For now I can only update the firmware :P
  14. But that's on USA not in europe. And yes, bodies below 800€ would be a good deal, but very hard to find in Europe.
  15. It seems so and I didn't know that one or could find it trough google. I'll wait impatiently for a good deal.
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