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  1. Hi everybody, My kid has become the goto photographer for all his girlfriends at school just using an iPhone. He wants a "real" camera for Christmas. What would be a good starter camera for portraits? It also should be on the cheaper side because I'm afraid it might get dropped or stolen I'm open to all brands. I currently have an NX1 that I use for video with manual lenses. It's not a hand me down option because he'll want some auto lenses and I don't want to sink money into a dead format. I also am probably getting the GH5 or whatever is being announced on the 15th. So M 4/
  2. I hope the GH5 pressures them to offer 4:2:2 10 bit. I made a promise to myself that I'd never buy another 8bit video camera after my NX1.
  3. I read somewhere that the Osmo with the RAW recorder was loud. Hopefully they sort that out. Looks like it could be a winner.
  4. Kidz, You really know how to get the best out of this camera. Your pics of the city just above are really outstanding. I just wish there was some way of getting the color performance at 4K instead of having to goto 1080p to get the 10 bit 4:4:4.
  5. I knew I should have added: "Don't hate me for asking about the NX1"
  6. I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but has anyone contacted the Magic Lantern hacker(s) to see if they could add RAW to the NX1?
  7. I did stumble across this footage that seems to counter Max's auto focus findings:
  8. Jesus. Ghosting & bad CAF... I'm never going to buy any camera at this rate I'm kinda kidding, kinda not. I admit I get wrapped up in specs and issues. it leads to paralysis and then angst. I either need to buy something, shoot and forget about it, or go see a therapist. Funny thing is bought the SmallRig cage for 50% off despite not ordering a GH5.
  9. Thanks Ken. I'm one of those agonizers. I can put it in the cart, but can't pull the trigger.
  10. Damn, you guys... I've had it in my cart ready to buy....
  11. Nice reel, deezid! I was trying to leave names out of it , but yes he wasn't thrilled with his first hands on. He and Mac seem to really favor the X-T20. I agree that Fuji has nice color. I'd like to get out of the NX1 soon. The prerequisites for me: 1. 10 bit. I always said I'd buy the first 10 bit DSLR. 2. Get into currently produced camera line - the NX1 was / is niche and makes no sense investing more money into it. I need some autofocusing lenses for gimbal work and the odd sporting event.
  12. Glad to hear you like it, Andrew. I need something to replace my NX1. It's always a mixed bag with a new camera. Another person I trust said it was on par with the A7sII color wise and just as hard to arrive at a pleasant grade.
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