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  1. I appreciate you pulling those clips. The X-T3 definitely puts out a more interesting rendition of color, where the Pocket 4k footage always looks like it was filmed as dusk. The XT-3 is clearly a more advanced and well-rounded tool, but there is something that still bumps me about the look of dSLR video when it comes to feature films.
  2. Would anyone recommend this camera over the Pocket 4k for recreating the soft look of film? Most of the XT-3 footage I have seen looks very slick and modern (not a bad thing), whereas the Pocket 4k samples seem to convey motion and detail in a more subdued way that mimics film. Is there anything different about the Pocket 4k from a technical standpoint?
  3. and sharpening. I also dream of having Gamma DR on the NX500, but all the effort so far is very much appreciated
  4. Shogun definitely looks a bit better. Is it a pipe dream that the NR and sharpening can be switched off somehow?
  5. In the case of this camera, the atrocity is the ugly sharpening and DNR. I think people are making too much of the banding issue. Many encodes that reach consumers whether from Blu-ray or iTunes, have instances of noticeable banding even on big-budget releases. Only video nerds with OCD like us will notice or care. In my opinion, the aforementioned issues are much more egregious and deserve the most attention. Thanks for the comparison shots!
  6. I guess that is another way to look at it. It is weird that free updates that add robust features would be controversial enough to need a poll.
  7. I don't understand how a 4k option would at all, impact those who don't use the video function. I also don't understand why 1000 people feel the need to vote "I don't care" if they truly don't care. It is annoyingly passive-aggressive.
  8. Wow, no kidding. So this could be achieved by using the MJPEG codec? I hope some clever people are on the case.
  9. I don't understand why Samsung didn't implement these changes to start with. I can understand why Sony and Panasonic hobble their consumer models as to not compete with their PRO camera lines, but Samsung had nothing to lose. They could have made the NX1 into an absolute monster, and even charged another $1000.
  10. I think the limiting factor is still the bit-rate. Sounds like there is exciting progress being made though!
  11. Do you still feel this way? I have never seen BM footage look as lush and textured as this:
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