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  1. Psychoanalysis on him. What a self destruction. I hope someone hacked his account.
  2. It smells tons of rolling shutter (d)efect.
  3. Unless they are not telling the truth, what I understand from their statement is that they are stopping making cameras not because the d16 did not sell well. They sold enough cameras. However, they realized they could not make a second generation camera that would be meaningful for filmmakers as the d16 was. Basically everybody who wanted a d16 already bought it new or used after those years that the camera is in the market. In order to keep going, they would need to strike again with a new camera. It seems that they realized that with the current sensor market and their company size, they could not do that.
  4. Companies buy rival companies all the time. And after all, why should Fuji care about Kodak? Kodak is no longer the owner of the sensor. Even the company who bought the Kodak sensor division was already sold again. And more, Fuji left the cinema film market. They are not even competing there. Finally, and the most important aspect, the digital bolex and the x-series speak for the same kind of people: those who want that film, old-school feeling without too much of a hassle. People buy the x-series because they get great JPEG colors, film emulation and old school ergonomics. People who bought the digital bolex wanted the closest color to film and the experience of using a super 8/super 16 camera. Bingo. And, then, as I said, they just needed to change the sensor if the sensor was a problem. It was a missed opportunity for FUJI in my opinion, and even for Kodak, which could become meaningful again for filmmakers instead of creating that ugly, new super 8 camera.
  5. I cannot understand why any of the big companies did not buy the digital bolex enterprise after their success with the Kickstarter campaign and the actual product delivery, proving that there was a potential market and desire for that kind of camera and that they had the know-how to make a great camera. Could you imagine if for example Fuji had bought it? It would make much sense for them if they wanted to enter the cinema camera market. They just had to get that d16 body/expertise and update the c mount to a x-mount with full electronic compatibility and then add a super 35mm 8 megapixel sensor (kind of c100/300) for 4K compressed into mjpeg codec with Fuji film emulation. Digital Bolex by Fuji Film straight out of the camera. Man, I would just give my money to them with pure joy.
  6. Nikon 50mm 1.8D. it works great and it is cheap.
  7. How would you compare color and DR to the digital Bolex?
  8. It is pretty established that the a7rii is a much better low-light camera in aps-c mode. Any comparison should be made with that in mind. I don't think it is fair to compare the canon with the a7rii in full frame mode as the canon is even cropped (1.4?) when recording 4K. Full frame 4k with the a7rii is a kind of bonus that is not offered by the canon.
  9. I am in a similar situation and would like to read some opinions. Thanks
  10. It is true. More and more the Kinefinity Terra 6k appears to be the best camera to buy for the price.
  11. veraguth

    Sony a6300 4k

    Terrible rolling shutter. https://***URL not allowed***/sony-a6300-vs-sony-a7s-ii-how-good-is-it-really/
  12. Anyone with a PAL A7RII to confirm this?
  13. veraguth

    Sony a6300 4k

    This camera is great. However, it will just kill the A7II, which costs $1600. No reason for anyone to buy it. I hope sony adds 4k through a firmware update or so.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know if the PAL version of the A7RII also gives that annoying message when switched to NTSC every time you turn the camera on? Thanks
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