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  1. So Calgary is definitely not the best looking place in the world but Banff is just 1 1/2 hours away and that is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I think its pretty typical for people to not appreciative the beauty they see everyday. Personally one of my favorite things about traveling is when I come home I try to keep that tourist mindset for a few days and walk around with a camera as if I am a tourist and shoot everything. Its also interesting to sometimes compare some of that footage to the stuff you shot on your vacation. Its always a nice surprise when it looks just as good if not better.
  2. you know those google adds are tailored to you via your browsing history lol
  3. I love this thread! I agree with everyone and It is nice to hear others who are thinking the same thing as me. "celebrity net" is right. Another thing I find kind of ironic and funny but completely understandable. Is how we all fight so hard to keep the internet open and wild but then are surprised when it turns into the wild west with disingenuous click bate sites poping up all over the place.
  4. How is that possible? does your EF-NX adapter have an aperture ring with aperture blades on it?
  5. And so the game of Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner begins. lol
  6. Your Tamron 17-50, is it electronic or manual? If its manual do you see the iris move when zooming? For some weird reason I cannot find any information on the internet about this. :S
  7. Well its not really second, its more like 36th because they have already made profiles for 34 different cameras. great news none the less tho.
  8. What other? ohhhhh that 34%.... yea just ignore that its not important.
  9. Ok this is my theory and it is jut a theory at this point because I cannot find any information on the internet to confirm OR disprove it. Because f-stop = focal length / diameter of the entrance pupil as you zoom the lens the lens needs to change the iris to keep the same f-stop. Quote from the Wikipedia page on f-number https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-number So assuming you have a 100-200 f4 zoom lens (fully electronic) and you were at 100mm and f/4 then you quickly zoomed to 200mm. the lens would need to detect the new focal length then calculate the diameter of the entrance pupil then adjust accordingly. The few milisec delay is just the camera calculating the then adjusting according. Can someone please confirm or disprove this theory because I am starting to get frustrated with the lack of information on the internet about this.
  10. Isnt the f-stop = the focal length / iris diameter? Does a fully manual zoom lens adjust the iris as it changes focal length in order to keep the same f-stop? I have searched all over the internet for this but cannot find a direct answer.
  11. I am confused... So it is because when you zoom in/out the camera needs to readjust the iris to keep the same f-stop witch might be a different t-stop as well? eg f/2.0 at 16mm might = t/2.8 and f/2.0 at 50mm = t/3.0 Unrelated side note. Does anyone have an NX1 w/ 16-50 S and a T rated lens do determine the exact T rating of the 16-50 S?
  12. Does anyone know if it disable the script info.tg from being run on the SD card as well?
  13. lol, is this going to become a game of cat and mouse with samsung trying to stop people from hacking their FW? Witch is made a quite a bit of GPL code by the way. They should embrace the movement and release the full source code and all their development tools
  14. Well then there is your answer. The camera just take a few seconds after you zoom to figure out what focal lenght it was zoomed to then calculate and adjust the irus accordingly.
  15. So I have wondered about this quite a bit myself and have not found anything on the internet about it. So aperture is calculated as the focal length / diameter of the iris correct? so wouldn't that mean the lens needs to open the iris when you zoom a lens in order to keep the same f-number?
  16. I have bought many things from B&H and have been happy with their service to date. Having said that I could see how this closure could be irritating. @OliKMIA, Was the closure incorporated in the calculated shipping date? If it was then their is nothing really to complain about. If it wasn't then their is your fix for any future complaints @henryp. Another possible solution is for B&H to just open a mega store in Vancouver for me... I mean everyone to shop at . that would definitely solve all problems for everyone ever. I am definitely making this suggestion for everyones benefit and not just for me. lol
  17. don't forget about ALL of the little extras that are pretty much required like micro SD cards, extra batteries, extra props and an Ipad
  18. Yes please! This would be huge for me and my uses. a sort of loss less digital zoom/crop. Range from 1.5x(std APS-C) to about 2.4x. I think we are just dreaming though.
  19. Has anyone did any testing with increased bit rates in 1080 120p?
  20. How dos the latche on the legs work? I have seen videos and pictures with a screw on the bottom and triangle pcs that needs to be twisted out of the way but there appears to be a new model out now that has toggles on each leg. Also can you comment on the general build quality of the rig? I am really close to pulling the trigger on buying it but would really like to see one in person before I do unfortunately no one sells them near where I live.
  21. I recently got a Lexar Professional 1000x 128GB UHS-II/U3 Card and it has twice the number of contact as my other cards including my sandisk 95mb/sec card. Is this something new with UHS-II and could this be the reason some UHS-II cards are slower than some of the USH-I cards? What I am thinking is the that they are relying on a card reader than will take advantage of these extra contacts to get higher speeds and do not perform as well in the UHS-I reader on the NX1 and NX500. I honestly have no idea tho. Card write speeds has never been and issue for me.
  22. This is with vasile's bitrate hack v3.0? If you have some time it would be nice if you could post an update on the NX summary thread regarding the status of the bitrate hack. I tried the v1.0 bitrate hack but have not tried anything since. From what I understand theirs are now options to change the rate of more than just the PRO setting?
  23. @kidzrevil, I have heard a few people mention 160mbps and it It sounds like this might be the sweet spot. Have you tried any other bit rates, and it so what have you been finding?
  24. I have CS6. wow i just looked at some screen shots and this looks like exactly what I want. anyways to get it for cs6 or do I need to buy CC
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