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  1. well I took this in with the CineD setting applied -but its not exactly anything that would show off the setting - just some footage from the garden I uploaded file direct to youtube I didn't take with any other settings - but the background seems very "stable" - no block noise/artefacting which I get sometimes
  2. fantastic - thanks very much for the reply and info jonpais - much appreciated
  3. BTM -fantastic works great thankyou daft super noddy question how do I save to a custom profile please - I've never really under stood the custom modes on the Panasonics do I need to be in "Movie Mode" - then set as a custom photo style ? I saw people mention C1 and C2 - if I save it says "overwrite custom settings - current setting "STD" - is that correct ? thanks
  4. has anyone noticed any strange things with White Balance in Video please ? I'm assuming I'm in Auto which I know is a bad thing - but I've not noticed these quick colour shifts on previous panasonics take a static scene, video of my daughter on a sunny day in front of a wall say - nice warm white balance for 95% of the video, but at one point the video goes noticeably cooler then back to "warm" again - you can see from shadows etc the sun hasnt' done anything and no clouds any ideas please?
  5. I can see the 1080p looks slightly softer in the link above with the GX85 - but in 4k mode its pretty slim difference are all the tests performed with the same lens ? same video settings ? noise reduction etc ? or left at "default" settings ? I can't find anywhere which states what was used because - say compare the stills G7 vs GX85 https://***URL removed***/reviews/panasonic-lumix-dmc-gx85-gx80/7 look at the bank-note - looks far better to me on the GX85 than the G7
  6. I've always found the DXO Mark scores for sensors (although I only tend to look at the Dynamic Range figures) - has matched my real-world relative experience with cameras so I think its an excellent site and glad it exists
  7. this is going to be a bit of a daft question - but the shutter mechanism that "moves all the time" - you hear the "rattle" when moving the camera about does it do any harm if you go for a long run with it say and its constantly moving around my Sigma 30mm on my NEX rattles like its broken until power is applied - like the GX85 body it feels "wrong" even though you know there is no fault
  8. considering the title of your link ...... ! I guess it kinda answers it Instructional Video - How to use 3rd Party lens with the Advanced Dual I.S 2 Stabilization on the LUMIX DMC-GX85 http://eng-ca.faq.panasonic.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/39309/kw/39309
  9. wow I'm really confused now I thought the "only" disadvantage of adding the further E-stabilizer on top of the 5 Axis - was the extra crop and if the extra crop no issue then may as well have all stabilization on ? certainly every since I've bought the camera - I've been using my 14-140 MKII with OIS + In body (so 5 axis) + E-Stabilizer as well .... maybe incorrectly !
  10. called out -did it need to be ? did you watch the video ?
  11. ^^ very nice 7 Lakes - I'm no video expert (not even a novice really) - but am really noticing how nice the colours and gradients (so sort of colour depth) are on the GX80 compared to my G6 - along with a decent codec
  12. have to admit I saw that video yesterday and it was nearly the first video I've ever taken the effort to dislike - I was too kind though I didn't bother
  13. I liked the look of the Sony ICD-SX2000 - but couldn't find much info on forums to how good the audio quality is - liked the form factor though at £200 odd was too expensive just to take a punt on
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