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  1. well I took this in with the CineD setting applied -but its not exactly anything that would show off the setting - just some footage from the garden I uploaded file direct to youtube I didn't take with any other settings - but the background seems very "stable" - no block noise/artefacting which I get sometimes
  2. fantastic - thanks very much for the reply and info jonpais - much appreciated
  3. BTM -fantastic works great thankyou daft super noddy question how do I save to a custom profile please - I've never really under stood the custom modes on the Panasonics do I need to be in "Movie Mode" - then set as a custom photo style ? I saw people mention C1 and C2 - if I save it says "overwrite custom settings - current setting "STD" - is that correct ? thanks
  4. has anyone noticed any strange things with White Balance in Video please ? I'm assuming I'm in Auto which I know is a bad thing - but I've not noticed these quick colour shifts on previous panasonics take a static scene, video of my daughter on a sunny day in front of a wall say - nice warm white balance for 95% of the video, but at one point the video goes noticeably cooler then back to "warm" again - you can see from shadows etc the sun hasnt' done anything and no clouds any ideas please?
  5. I can see the 1080p looks slightly softer in the link above with the GX85 - but in 4k mode its pretty slim difference are all the tests performed with the same lens ? same video settings ? noise reduction etc ? or left at "default" settings ? I can't find anywhere which states what was used because - say compare the stills G7 vs GX85 https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/panasonic-lumix-dmc-gx85-gx80/7 look at the bank-note - looks far better to me on the GX85 than the G7
  6. I've always found the DXO Mark scores for sensors (although I only tend to look at the Dynamic Range figures) - has matched my real-world relative experience with cameras so I think its an excellent site and glad it exists
  7. this is going to be a bit of a daft question - but the shutter mechanism that "moves all the time" - you hear the "rattle" when moving the camera about does it do any harm if you go for a long run with it say and its constantly moving around my Sigma 30mm on my NEX rattles like its broken until power is applied - like the GX85 body it feels "wrong" even though you know there is no fault
  8. considering the title of your link ...... ! I guess it kinda answers it Instructional Video - How to use 3rd Party lens with the Advanced Dual I.S 2 Stabilization on the LUMIX DMC-GX85 http://eng-ca.faq.panasonic.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/39309/kw/39309
  9. wow I'm really confused now I thought the "only" disadvantage of adding the further E-stabilizer on top of the 5 Axis - was the extra crop and if the extra crop no issue then may as well have all stabilization on ? certainly every since I've bought the camera - I've been using my 14-140 MKII with OIS + In body (so 5 axis) + E-Stabilizer as well .... maybe incorrectly !
  10. called out -did it need to be ? did you watch the video ?
  11. ^^ very nice 7 Lakes - I'm no video expert (not even a novice really) - but am really noticing how nice the colours and gradients (so sort of colour depth) are on the GX80 compared to my G6 - along with a decent codec
  12. have to admit I saw that video yesterday and it was nearly the first video I've ever taken the effort to dislike - I was too kind though I didn't bother
  13. I liked the look of the Sony ICD-SX2000 - but couldn't find much info on forums to how good the audio quality is - liked the form factor though at £200 odd was too expensive just to take a punt on
  14. thanks - markr041 - is your 45-150 a VR lens ? my internal mic picks up the OIS off my 14-140 badly (and the 12-32 to a lesser extent) I was thinking a external mic on the tripod or flash mounted might pick up the sound also as only a few extra cms away
  15. nice comparison - quite a difference - thanks for sharing ! do you have H1 mounted on the camera or just stand-alone ? (ie is it on the tripod mount, or flash mount ?) I was going to get an external recorder before I went away on holiday, but couldn't choose between a H1, H2N, H4N or H5N lol so ended up with none all my holiday videos are going to have music overlaid on them !
  16. 4Kfan - nice video - I liked that well done. the only thing I didn't like was the very end - after all the effort on making the belt the pan past it seemed too quick and rushed (and had judder)
  17. will upload some videos later - but I'm very impressed with the colour and smoothness of gradient from the GX80 in fact impressed all round - the video output is so so much nicer than my G6 stills taken from a 4k video (using Resolve)
  18. Loving my GX80 but noticed a weird feature which I am not sure if a feature or software bug If you use 1080 and the ex telephoto conversation when you focus before starting to record it looks out of focus Yet as soon as you press record the live view looks right as in - in focus and sharp Almost as if before you start recording it is sending the wrong processed image to the live view It disconcerting as you think you do not have focus (or worse) before you start recording Any ideas ? Thanks
  19. currently have a G6 and 14-140 II and would like to upgrade I've looked at the GH4, GX8, G7 and G80 - would I be right in thinking - even though a few compromises (like not so good EVF etc) - the G80 is probably the best bet ? currently the G80 can be got with 12-32 kit lens for £499 - £50 cashback so £450 which seems good price to me
  20. very interested to see how the GX85 does - I have a G6 + 14-140 MKII and a Sony Nex 5n + Sigma 30mm Prime and Kit lens I much prefer using the G6 and the video quality is much better - BUT especially in stills the photos the G6 takes seem very "flat" - I see the same in videos and stills from GH4 etc doesn't seem to have the "gloss" you get with a APS-C size sensor -not sure if this is because low lower dynamic range, or colour bit depth, or a combo of the two
  21. yes and also an amazon offer on the GX8 ... the Silver GX8 is reduced to £649 with the 14-42 II kit lens so after cashback - its £549 - by far cheapest I've seen I was tempted myself - but I only have LR 5 (5.7) and it doesn't support the GX8 - which would add extra faff
  22. nice comparisons - thanks for posting sort of wish I'd bought a cheap G7 body to replace my G6 after seeing the difference !
  23. fantastic deals - very tempting indeed thanks for heads-up Two questions - even though very cheap - is there any benefit in upgrading my G6 body to a G7 ? I've seen some comparisons and it seemed that other than 4k - not a huge difference ? if it had the higher bitrate 1080p mode of GH4 etc I may have been tempted. G7 dynamic range is only slightly better than the G6 ? If I was to stretch to a GH4 - does the GH4 suffer from shuttershock like my G6 + 14-140 MKII is reported to ? thanks
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